What Battery My Laptop Has

How to Find What Battery My Laptop Has? The Simple Trick In 2022

Laptops run on batteries, and some laptops have small batteries that provide less usage time, whereas some have bigger batteries that can run for long hours to support what you are doing in your work.

A battery has a life after which it is useless, and it stops storing any charge in it. After that, you can only run your Laptop if it is plugged into a socket.

In case your battery is empty, or it is dead, and you want to know what battery your laptop has, then there can be different ways by which you can understand your battery model.

Before you start, you should know that different companies produce their own batteries for laptops, which might leave you wondering how to find what battery your laptop has. For this, we have some answers. Read carefully.

Look At The Back of Your Battery

A simple and most authentic approach to finding out what battery your laptop has is by looking at the battery yourself. For this, you have to turn off and unplug your laptop from any socket and then open the battery of your laptop and see it for the tags.

Most of the batteries have a sticker that includes their information and prints about what type of battery it is and what model it is. You can find out what type of battery your laptop has by simply looking at the info provided if it has any.

Use Software

The software can be helpful to help you understand what type of battery you have. This software is helpful to find out information about your battery. BatteryCare is a tool that can be utilized to find out more about your battery. Such software is helpful in case you don’t have any other way to know what type of battery your laptop has.

Laptop Manufacturer

The easiest approach to knowing about your laptop battery is your laptop manufacturer. You can visit straight to a dealership your access the official website of the manufacturer to find the information related to your laptop model and identify its battery. It’s better to get information about the battery from a trusted supplier than from any other source.

Laptops can have different batteries, and you are never sure about which one to use with which model of your laptop, so don’t make any decisions on your own. It’s better to confirm the complete details about your laptop and then make a decision.

This is also a simple method for checking the battery’s make and model.


This was a discussion about how to find what battery your laptop has. It’s a simple and easy task that you can perform within minutes to get to know everything about your laptop easily with the tips we shared here.

Q1: How do you check a battery of a laptop?

Ans: Laptop batteries come in different sizes for different laptops. You cannot check a battery of a laptop in general, which is why you have to remove the battery from a laptop and see the information posted on it.

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