How To Connect A Laptop To Sharp Aquos Tv Wirelessly?

Although laptops are of important use to us today, we sometimes wish to see our desired illustration on a much bigger screen, such as a TV. But, to our inconvenience, most TVs do not have the proper tools or channels that support what we desire to watch.

To our ease, we have 11 inch laptop and PCs for unlimited watching of our favourite contents. But when that content is needed to be moved from the laptop’s screen to an HD TV display, confusion arises.

To not let you get into any further details of how to connect a laptop to Sharp Aquos TV Wirelessly, let’s take a look at the process of connecting your laptop to your TV for transport of display.

How to connect a Laptop to Sharp Aquos TV Wirelessly

To connect your laptop to sharp Aquos tv wirelessly, you will need to fulfil a certain amount of equipment requirements and following the given instructions thoroughly. Let’s follow this procedure step by step.


Here are your requirements for creating a stabilized connection between your laptop and the Sharp Aquos TV.

  • A Sharp Aquos TV which you want to connect your laptop with.
  • A laptop to have at the other end of the connection.
  • An HDMI cable to provide connection support

Steps to connect a Laptop to Sharp Aquos TV Wirelessly

Here are the basic steps you need to follow to provide a stable connection between your Sharp TV and your laptop.

Step no.1: 

The first and foremost thing that you have to be careful of, is that your Cable wire is unplugged from the TV. The Tv does not have an electricity connection- if it does, turn it off immediately- and nor does the laptop- it shouldn’t be on sleep mode or restart during the process- it should be powered off.

Step no. 2: 

Now you have to attach the HDMI cable. Since the connection is between two things, all you have to do is stabilize it; first, connect the HDMI cable to the TV and then insert it into one of the ports in the laptop- preferably an HDMI-out port. The HDMI cable will transfer the display from your laptop to your TV screen.

Step no. 3: 

Now you have to simply turn on both of the devices after connecting the HDMI to both of them. By doing this you will be operating your laptop first. You have to adjust the screen resolution from your laptop and pick the option of the screen being available on the display, which would be the TV screen.

Step no. 4: 

Now you can easily move your slider across the TV screen after adjusting the menu for screen resolution. However, you can only control the laptop functions through this procedure because you will operate the laptop. To make further adjustments to your TV screen, you would have to use the TV remote or look through the manual.

Step no. 5: 

The last and final step would be choosing the “apply” Option at the bottom of the screen and closing the opened window. You can now enjoy your full HD display on your TV screens with proper adjustments.


Now you can connect your laptop to your Sharp LCD TV and enjoy binge-watching your favourite movies, delivering benchmark demonstrations, seeing desired documentaries, etc.


Q#1: What are sharp LCD TVs? 

Ans: Sharp LCD TVs contain both VGA and HDMI ports for external connections.

Q#2: How to connect VGA to TV?

Ans: There a port for inserting VGA cable behind the TV, you can connect VGA by inserting the cable.

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