How to Configure Raid in Dell Server Step by Step

How to Configure Raid in Dell Server Step by Step

Dell PowerEdge RAID Controller is made specifically for Dell servers that help to develop a RAID volume to use all disks on one server. Growing the limit of a server by adding new drives is an ordinary movement for the administrators. We will study how to configure Raid on Dell servers in a step-by-step process. If you want to check our latest research on the best laptop for deep learning, Check this out.

Launch PERC/CERC BIOS Configuration Utility

The user is required to insert new disk drives onto the two empty slots given and then perform a reboot of the system. Press the Ctrl + M when the system is starting up again to run the PowerEdge RAID Controller BIOS Configuration Utility.

Configure and then select View/Add Configuration

You can select the Configure option using the arrows keys from the keyboard in the main menu and select the “View/Add Configuration” option from the menu

Status of the new disk drives

This displays all of the disk drives and their status on the system.

Make the disk drives online.

First of all, select the first drive, which has a READY status, by using the arrow keys and then press the space bar from your keyboard that switches the status from READY to ONLINE and adds A02-00 next to it.

After this, the cursor moves to the next drive that is available with a READY status, and you can press the space bar again that will again change the status of other drives from READY to Online. It adds A02-01 next to it. Now the A02-00 and A02-01 both will be blinking. You can press the enter key from the keyboard to display that the array selection is complete. A02-00 and A02-01 both of them will stop blinking.

Configure the disk drives

To configure the disk drives, you need to press the F10 key from the keyboard for the configuration of your selected disk drives. The array numbers from the previous steps performed to assign new disk drives will be displayed here. Press the F10 button from the keyboard to continue the configuration process.

Select RAID Level

Pressing F10 will display the RAID configuration screen. The person can use the arrow keys to select RAID 1 and then press the enter key. Use arrow keys to scroll down, select Accept and press enter to save the configurations. Then do as directed below.

Write Policy will be: WRBACK (enter the default value) or WRTHRU.

And then the Read Policy will be: “NO_READAHEAD, READAHEAD or ADAPTIVE” (enter the default value)

Cache Policy will be: Cached IO or Direct IO (enter the default value)

Reboot your system afterward when you have saved these configurations. The Logical Volume 02 will be configured on the server as RAID1 by using the new disk drives that are now ready for use.


This was all about configuring Raid in the Dell server. For more details, search official sources or leave a comment in the box below.


Q#1: What is RAID mode in BIOS?

Ans: It is a storage technology where a user can combine multiple disks into one unit, depending on the mode options. These RAID can be from RAID-0 to RAID-6, having different configurations for each of them.

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