How to Clean a Motherboard

How to Clean a Motherboard? Complete Guide In 2023

The motherboard is a useful part of a computer system on which all the hardware components reside to join together and form a connection in order to give a performance to a PC. The motherboard is mainly responsible for delivering the performance of a computer as a powerful and strong motherboard would be able to handle all the components easily.

With the usage of a PC during a time frame, there might be a lot of dust and other particles that can cover your hardware components from inside the casing. This can also lead to cause a dirty motherboard that requires cleaning otherwise, which can cause a lot of damage and other issues for your hardware components. So let’s see how to clean a Best Budget x570 Motherboard at home.

Things Required For Cleaning a Motherboard:

  • Air Blower
  • Makeup Brush
  • A vacuum with attachments
  • Cotton or Tissue paper
  • Screwdriver
  • Isopropyl Alcohol 99% (or any 90%+)

How to Clean a Motherboard

In order to clean a motherboard, follow the steps mentioned below.

Power Off Your System:

The first thing in the procedure of cleaning a motherboard is turning off the power of your computer system. Ensure that the entire power system is unplugged from the socket so that there is no electricity left on the board or in the cables of your PC.

Remove the Casing:

The second step is to remove the casing from all sides of the system using your screwdriver. After removing all the sides of the casing, slowly remove the motherboard out and then place it on a smooth flat surface where it doesn’t get damaged by anything. In case there is a lot of dirt on it, make sure to use a vacuum cleaner or a powerful blower to wipe off the layer of dust on it.

Clean The Motherboard:

The next process is to clean the motherboard with a clean cloth or a towel. You can use the air blower to blow off the particles and dust first. Make sure you use a vacuum or blower from some distance as you don’t have to get too close to the components. After blowing properly, use the brush and cloth to perform the cleaning of your motherboard thoroughly wherever your hand can access it easily.

Deep Clean:

In case your motherboard is faulty, and you realize that cloth and blower cannot complete the procedure of cleaning, you can perform deep cleaning with the use of 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. This substance can help you to remove any sticky substance and junk that is stored and which is not easy being wiped off in any case, then this is your solution for cleaning.

Assemble It Back:

After you have done a complete deep cleaning of your motherboard, you can assemble your motherboard back with all the hardware components on it and then make sure that every slot and part of the motherboard is dry. Then screw it properly with the casing and put everything back in its position. Attach all the cables and then turn on your computer by running the power and see if your system is working fine.

This was the complete procedure of how to clean a motherboard at home without any technical or physical support. The process is simple if you know what you are about to do and how you would do it. Make sure to follow each step as told above; otherwise, you can end up destroying any component or ruin your motherboard, which may not be very amusing.


This was an easy solution for how to clean a motherboard with a simple 5 step procedure. Any user can perform this procedure at their home for their systems. In case there are more questions about it, you can leave your honest comments below.


Q#1: What is the best and easy way to clean your motherboard?

Ans: The best and easiest way to clean a motherboard is with the use of a moist cotton swab along with the use of alcohol. This mixture can gently wipe off any extra particles and sticky substances from the motherboard without causing any damage.

Q#2: Can I use alcohol to clean a motherboard?

Ans: You can use 99% isopropyl alcohol for cleaning your motherboard as it won’t damage any components of the hardware on your motherboard.

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