Charge Laptop With HDMI

How To Charge Laptop With HDMI

A laptop is used almost all the time when a person is working late hours on his job and runs through different tasks so that he can work as much as possible. But working for a lot of time can put down the battery of a laptop which is why a person has to recharge it in order to reuse it. Sometimes, it is possible that you forgot your charger at home, and the only thing you have is an HDMI cable with you.

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Under these conditions, you must be thinking about how to charge a laptop with HDMI. This is not a big issue as it is possible to charge a laptop with HDMI, but there is always a risk in unusual paths. Your laptop charger could malfunction, or you may face any other problem where you won’t be able to use the charger, and you would want to try the HDMI port. So for such a situation, here is what you can do.

Charging Laptop With HDMI

Charging your laptop is easy with an HDMI if you have a device that could charge it. Using the HDMI port of the laptop can help you charge your laptop easily and efficiently. A power source like an LED TV or any device that supports HDMI can support the charging of your laptop. Here is how you can charge it easily.

  • Make sure that the laptop you want to charge has an HDMI cable and an adapter that will act as a connector for converting your HDMI. Without the connector, it won’t be possible for your laptop to charge itself. Make sure your resources are complete.
  • Now, you can connect the HDMI cable that you have with an LCD TV that has a support port for the HDMI with the use of your HDMI connector. Connect one end with the TV and the other end with your laptop. In this way, you can easily charge your laptop with a TV without requiring many resources and accessories.
  • In case your laptop doesn’t show any display, and the screen is not turning on, you have to disconnect your HDMI cable from both sides and then reconnect it to both sides. Then check if the solution works. If there is still a problem, then there might be an issue with your power.

Using this method, it is easy to charge your Best Laptop for MBA Students as all the modern laptops that have an HDMI port support this charging process without taking any time or extra accessories. However, this is still not a recommended case as there is a chance that this process can cause your devices to burn or malfunction. Just to be on the safe side, just try to charge your laptop with its charger if possible. Use this process only in a situation when there is no alternative available.


This was a discussion about charging a laptop with an HDMI cable through any device like an LCD TV.


Q#1: Can I charge my laptop with HDMI?

Ans: Laptops can be charged with an HDMI cable if they have an HDMI port that can connect them with another device.

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