Adjust Contrast on Lenovo Laptop

How To Adjust Contrast on Lenovo Laptop

In case you are experiencing difficulty changing the settings of brightness and adjustment of the contrast of your PC, remember that each model of PC (and each working framework) is somewhat extraordinary and different from others. An easy guide to change or adjust the Contrast on the Lenovo laptop is shared for everyone reading this article.

Chipping away at the PC in the daytime and, furthermore, in the night with a similar contrast and brightness can be upsetting for the eyes. As dealing with a bright white screen in obscurity will be destructive to one’s eyes, and similarly glaring at a bright screen at the daytime will be unpleasant for the eyes. Along these lines, changing the contrast is vital while using your Lenovo laptop.

Follow the beneath steps to change and adjust the contrast on your Lenovo laptop.

Manual Settings to adjust Contrast

  • Switch on your Lenovo laptop and snap Start.
  • Type Screen brightness in the pursuit box and hit Enter.
  • A window will open showing you some options.
  • Find the Screen contrast from the settings on the lower part of the window screen.
  • Adjust it by moving the slider to right or left.

Adjust Brightness and Contrast using Keyboard

  • Search the Fn key from your keyboard at the lower-left corner of the best laptop for blogging.
  • Press and hold down the Fn key and Home key with an up arrow key, which will be situated on the top point of the Lenovo keyboard.
  • Adjust the contrast by tapping the Home key over and again.
  • Increase or decrease the contrast with the Home key. Use the Home key with the Upper sign to increment and the lower arrow sign key to reducing the contrast.

Using your Lenovo laptop at high contrast and brightness after evening time may result affecting the eyes. Changing the luminance is vital when individuals work in too low or too high a light zone. It becomes significant when youngsters use workstations for gaming or for different purposes for extended periods of time. Changing the contrast and brightness of the screen will help you save the battery of the laptop, and you can work for a long without charging the system.

Lenovo is a great brand for laptops and phones. It offers a significant part of its models, as shown by one’s pocket. It is consistently significant in the market because of its arrangement, value and shows improvement with updated models.


This was an easy guide fix for adjusting the contrast of your Lenovo laptop screen. Follow the steps and do what you are required to. If you have more questions, contact official Lenovo support or leave a comment in the box below.


Q#1: Can I adjust the contrast by myself on a Lenovo laptop?

Ans: Open the Control Panel. And search for windows display settings in the search bar, and then select the option Change window color and metrics. Set the theme to a high-contrast theme. Or manually adjust contrast with a slider.

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