How Much Ram Do I Need For Video Editing

How Much Ram Do I Need For Video Editing – Size To Potential

The era of the Movie industry is moving towards a massive overhaul where practical shots are being replaced with completely edited animations and CGI.

Even where you least expect it, movie directors would have used a computer-generated effect so that the scene would look as realistic as possible.

Let’s take Avengers: Endgame. For instance, that movie had around 2700 shots, out of which 2500 scenes have Visual effects blended into it.

My point is that the demand for video editing and video editors has been becoming bigger than ever and there is no stopping it as VFX is being proven more effective than using practical effects that would cost a ton of cash.

If you are aware of such phenomena and are following the said path and want to embark on the journey of starting your career by becoming a video editor or already have one, then your utmost priority would be How Much Ram Do I Need For Video Editing?

So without any further ado, let me break it down for you.

Why Is Ram So Relevant For Video Editing

Video editing is RAM intensive task and highly relies on having an abundance of Random access memory available in its arsenal.

The way RAM works is by holding onto short-term data that is borrowed from your Hard drive or Solid state drive and is provided to your Central processing unit or CPU.

Because, if it weren’t for RAM, it would take hours or even days to simply compute data directly fetched from your storage devices as the transfer rates are incredibly low as compared to RAM.

RAM has multiple technological terms associated with it which are,

1. Frequencies

These range from 1600Mhz to 4600mhz and can directly impact how quickly Random access memory performs its tasks.

The higher the frequency of RAM, the more bandwidth it will have which means more data can be slung towards the CPU, so you can edit those shots in a lesser amount of time.

2. Generation Of Ram

RAM is further evolved into multiple generations ranging from DDR to DDR5, and the higher the level, the more expensive and faster it gets.

A DDR5 RAM is designed to have 3600Mhz-6400Mhz, however, it doesn’t come cheap due to obvious reasons.

How Much Ram Do I Need For Video Editing

There are multiple levels to the video editing phase such as,

1. Standard Video Editing

Standard video editing implies where an individual works independently and has light to moderate tasks assigned to them such as Youtube Intro editing and designing, Vlog editing, and such.

These sorts of Video editors are often regarded as freelancers and would require anywhere around 16GB DDR4 Memory RAM with 3200-3600 Mhz frequencies in order to work flawlessly.

2. Studio-Based Video Editing

This is more of a hardcore level of video editing level, where more than one person is working on a project and usually requires weeks or even months in order to edit even a simple shot.

 Almost all sorts of high-end Video editing software are used such as Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Vegas Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Avid Media Composer, to make magic happen.

And you can be very well assured that you would be needing a workstation with more than 64GB DDR5 RAM with at least 5600 Mhz Frequency.

And anywhere below would simply hinder or in the worst case scenario even halt your work progress, which is focusing on Memory RAM is extremely important and crucial.

Bottom Line

You would have gotten a slight idea that it’s not just the RAM Capacity for it to be speedy, but you also need the correct frequency and Generation of RAM in order to stay ahead of your league and crunch data way more quickly.

However, as technology evolves so do the RAM requirements which is why I would recommend that you bookmark this article so you remain to stay tuned as we would be updating it on a regular basis to keep up with the workload trends and RAM requirements.

If by any chance the article was confusing and wasn’t forward enough for your understanding and you are still wondering how much RAM I need for video editing, you can submit your queries in the comment section below.

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