How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use?

Laptops come in different sizes and shapes with a lot of changes in their specifications that can greatly impact their usage of the power. Gaming laptops like Alienware tend to consume a lot of power because of high-performance processors and the integrated graphics card that consumes the power to run high-end games.

We can’t answer in a single word about how many watts does a laptop use because each laptop can use a different power. Let’s say the best I5 Laptop that is being used just for office purposes or home use, it won’t be consuming enough power, and it can use about 20 to 100 watts depending on the specifications of the laptop and the work that is being done on that laptop.

In some cases, this wattage can go up to 180w for some laptops due to continuous use. We can understand this phenomenon better by understanding each of the components and its usage to know how much an average laptop may consume the power in watts.

Why Laptop Consumes Watt

We see different components to understand how a laptop consumes the power and how much, on average does it consume the power in watts.


The adapter of a Best Gaming Laptop is its power supply which is used to power the laptop. Big laptops require a larger adapter, and hence it consumes more power as well. This adapter plays an important role in consuming watts as the processor of the laptop can automatically adjust the performance of a laptop in its power-saving mode, which is why your laptop’s wattage can vary too.

Graphics Card

One of the major reasons for power consumption is the graphics card of a laptop that is used for running the latest games with high requirements. Usually, the graphics card doesn’t consume power when you are doing normal routine tasks on your laptop, but when you turn on any CAD software or play games on your laptop, your graphic card will start to consume watts. This can cause your laptop to even consume more than180w of power if you are running the latest games.

Screen Size

The display of your laptop matters when it comes to the usage of watts. The bigger the screen, the more power will be consumed, and the bright display would also affect the wattage. A typical laptop may consume 50w of power when it is in a normal mode with a normal screen. But a Best Laptop for Writers having a bigger and brighter screen is most likely to consume more than 70w of power easily.


This was a discussion about how many watts does a laptop use while it’s running, and we discussed different factors that can affect the wattage and cause the laptop to use more watts or less in some cases. For more details, visit our forums.


Q#1: Why do laptops consume high wattage?

Ans: Laptops may consume high power when they are used for gaming purposes or for any CAD software that would cause the components to equally work with high efficiency and put the load on the system.

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