How Long Does Thermal Paste Last

How Long Does Thermal Paste Last

Thermal paste is a useful material that comes for coolers and electronic components to keep things cool or at moderate temperatures. best laptop thermal paste is useful as it doesn’t let your system get hot and burst out. Modern computers and powerful processors generate a lot of heat due to high performance, for which they need something to absorb the heat where the need for thermal paste is born.

In case you are a computer user, and you have been wondering that how much a thermal paste will last, then you might want to look at this discussion where we discussed everything about how long does thermal paste lasts and when you should replace it.

Thermal Paste Shelf Life

Thermal paste is used in microchips and processors along with gaming GPUs that generate a lot of heat. The normal shelf life for a thermal paste is about three years. It depends upon how you apply it to the component and how you are running your system for gaming or any software. The thermal paste can have a shorter life span case if it’s not kept in the proper environment.

Most makers of thermal paste will list a time span of usability on their products. Notwithstanding, the most well-known time limit or life span for a thermal paste is around three years if the paste has not been opened. Presently, it gets interesting on the grounds that you didn’t have any idea when your thermal paste was made.

In case that your thermal paste was lounging around on a rack for quite a while, all things considered, it’s most likely expired by now. It likewise relies upon how the thermal paste was put away. You should know whether the temperatures affected it or where there was any other cause for this.

Instructions to Check If Thermal Paste is Expired

To check thermal paste, you should know that it is produced using different mixtures and combinations to assimilate, absorb the heat coming from computer components, and keep the segments from any extra heat. In case that your thermal paste hasn’t been being used for quite a while that you applied it to your system, and it hasn’t been kept at an appropriate temperature, then, at that point, it’s conceivable that it might have expired by now. An ordinary temperature area with a tight seal is best and appropriate for keeping a thermal paste active and usable.

You can check the thermal paste by putting some on a metallic surface and spreading to check its consistency and flawlessness. In case that it has separated, comes out clumpy or watery, dispose of it and get yourself another tube to use. You will need to check the expiry date and the quality of paste that you are using on your system.

How Often To Replace Thermal Paste

A thermal paste gets expired after some time if the appropriate temperature is not supported, which is the reason it is recommended that you change it often once a year. You should change it every time you open the CPU of your computer or when you are opening the heatsink. Try to apply the fresh and new thermal paste each time, and a normal time limit for a decent use of thermal paste can last for about 3 years.

How to Store Thermal Paste

There are few instructions through which you can store your thermal paste and take care of the things by keeping some things in mind to keep your paste protected.

  • Store your thermal paste in a sealed plastic bag
  • Store the thermal paste in the bottle on its side
  • Make sure that it is properly sealed with its cap tightly holding it
  • Don’t keep it around extreme temperatures like too hot or too cold.


This was a short discussion article about how long does thermal paste lasts, and we discussed where the thermal paste lasts and why it wears out after some time. For additional info, leave your comment below.


Q#1: Should I change thermal paste after every year?

Ans: You can change your thermal paste after 3 years as a good paste can last longer, but you can consider replacing the paste after every year to ensure the safety of your computer system.

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