Horizontal Lines On Laptop Screen

Horizontal Lines On Laptop Screen – How To Fix?

Various issues, including obsolete graphics card drivers, incorrect cable video connections to faulty ribbon cables can result in Horizontal Lines On Laptop Screen. To decide whether the software or hardware is an issue, you can enter Bios settings.

But after bios, if you are still facing this issue then the problem should be with the software. If you can’t see horizontal or vertical lines on your Windows 10 PC that means it has something to do with hardware.

How to Fix Horizontal Lines on Laptop Screen

This is the step-by-step guide to how horizontal lines can be set on a laptop computer.

Reconnect the Video Cable

The first reason that could cause this issue on your best laptop for sketchup maybe because of the Video cable is not connected properly; this could be causing horizontal or vertical lines on your laptop screen.

You can also try reconnecting the video cable to the monitor, then check if the horizontal or vertical lines disappear.

Update Your Graphics Card Driver

Once it has been decided that the horizontal or vertical lines on your Laptop Screen are software related, an obsolete graphics card driver is likely to be the cause. To address driver compatibility problems it must be updated to the latest version.

For this, you can update the display driver manually from the device manager and check if it is helpful, it will take a long time.

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Scan you PC

First, open the driver scanner and then click on the scan option.

Try to update graphics

There you will see the update option click on it to update the driver on your Laptop.

Reboot the Laptop

After the update is completed restart your laptop.

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Adjust Your Screen Resolution Settings

Sometimes the lines appear because the resolution setting is not set properly. To fix that follow these simple steps.

  • On your desktop click the right clicks of the mouse.
  • Open the display settings.
  • Select scale and layout in the center of the screen.
  • You can see on your computer the different resolution settings that will best fit your laptop.


Here you will find some of the best ways through which you can fix the horizontal lines on your laptop screen. These methods will surely help you fix this issue, if you are having this issue then worry not you are not the only one having this problem there are various peoples having this around the world.


Q1. Can we use these methods on windows 10?

Yes, you can use these methods on windows 10 as they are best for windows 10.

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