Function keys not working on HP laptop

Function Keys Not Working On HP laptop – Full Guide In 2023

HP is one of the most reputable laptop brands available in the market. They might not be cheaper but they perform very well and have great speed. They are also used for business and other work purposes, so they are often spotted in work environments.

Apart from being a big brand and all, HP models tend to be reviewed as having minor drawbacks to them. One of the drawbacks is the improper function of the FN keys and some questions are asked like why function keys not working on HP laptops. Here in this content, we will discuss the solutions of fixing the disabled Fn key problem of Hp laptops.

How to Fix function keys not working on HP laptops:

Function keys are the shortcuts on our PCs. They help us perform numerous functions with just a simple click. Although Hp is a pretty well-performing laptop brand, it can sometimes mess up its function keys.

On this site, we will be discussing the major problem most Hp users face is how to enable function keys on the Hp laptop or Computers. Despite there being countless solutions and fixing programs that you can install, we have narrowed down this content to the most proficient ways of fixing the problem- how to enable FN keys on a Hp laptop.

Possible solutions

Here we will observe all of the best solutions for enabling the FN keys on the best laptop for cyber security.


You can also run the hardware troubleshooter if you are unable to fix the Fn key problem with all other possible solutions. To run the hardware troubleshooting program you have to follow these simple steps. This is very easy and can be carried out by anyone.

  1. Press the Windows key + 1to get the settings application to appear.
  2. Locate ‘update and security.’
  3. Choose Troubleshoot from the left side of the pane.
  4. Click on the ‘run troubleshooting’ option.
  5. Wait a few moments.
  6. Check the function keys performance.


You can enable the Fn keys on your Hp by performing a simple and quick action.

  • FN+ESC

This function is used to disable the FN lock. It also aids in disabling hotkey functionality which is a bonus point considering that is what you were aiming for.

And to progress vise versa, you can simply press the FX KEY to enable the hotkey functionality of your keyboard.


If function keys not working on HP laptops, it could’ve been that you pressed the F key unnoticed. Because sometimes while using your laptop, you tend to press the F key and lose access to the FN keys.

However, to access them again, you can try pressing the F11 and F12 together. This pressing motion tends to enable your FN keys. Many people have tried this and it worked for them. So, if you’re tired of making pointless efforts, give this method a go!


If after countless efforts and trying different types of methods, your function keys are still not processing, maybe try updating your keyboard many cases, the FN keys resist function because of a degraded keyboard drive.


You can also follow these simple steps to gain access to your Hp laptops’ function keys. If you know how to work around your PC, you have probably figured this one out, but if you don’t, no matter. That’s what we are here for.

Here you can learn how to operate and alter the FN keys by using the BIOS settings.

  1. Open BIOS settings.
  2. Change the action key.
  3. Keep pressing the power button for a minimum of 5-10 seconds to shut off the laptop.
  4. Turn on the laptop.
  5. Continuously press the F10 key, effective immediately.
  6. Press either the right arrow key or the left one.
  7. Open configuration settings.
  8. Alter function keys by choice.


Function keys are essential for performing shortcuts on our computers. Although Hp systems are well managed some lack the FN key support. FN keys can be enabled and disabled in very simple steps as explained above.


Q#1: How do I turn off the FN keys? 

Ans: Please follow these simple steps.

System configuration>> Action keys mode>> Press ENTER to display Enabled/Disabled Mode.

Q#2: What are function keys used for? 

Ans: FN keys are used for performing shortcuts throughout the PC.

Q#3: Which function key opens the BIOS settings? 

Ans: F10 key directs you to the BIOS setting.

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