Full Tower Vs. Mid Tower

Full Tower Vs Mid Tower CPU Cases – Complete Guide In 2023

PC cases come in different forms and shapes. These boxes can have the capacity for storing more advanced and high-end components, whereas some cannot have enough space to fit all the latest hardware. The PC casing comes in two types are Full Tower and Mid-tower, and both of them fit the motherboard with recommended to the size upon which all the components are attached.

In case you want to know the difference between Full tower and Mid-tower CPU casing, then this discussion will guide you about everything that includes the motherboard, spacious innards, optimal airflow or effective water-cooling support, cable management, connections, and even lighting (flashing LEDs).

In general, the mid-tower, as from the name, is clear that they are shorter than the full tower cases. This means it fits smaller motherboards and smaller hardware components with less RAM as well. The average heigh of a mid-tower casing is 18 inches, and for the full tower cases, the height is about 22 inches or more.

For those who want to get a more flexible and high-end upgradable PC, Full tower cases suites best for them because the users won’t have to replace the case again and again. A bigger casing provides better airflow, which is good for gaming systems. Here are some good recommendations about when you should buy a mid-tower case and when to look for a full tower case.

Mid Tower Case

  • A standard ATX motherboard is a perfect fit for a mid-tower case with 1 or 2 GPU slots.
  • If you are conscious about cost and price, then select mid-tower.
  • These cases provide better airflow.

Full Tower Case

  • These are big motherboards supported for more GPU installations.
  • More disk storage and connectivity options.
  • Special case modding and upgrading.
  • Advanced water loops.

What are the Benefits of Full Tower Case

Following are the benefits of a full tower case.

  • Full tower cases give more space to optical drives and components and a lot of area for the hard drive.
  • The give adequate space for updates and extension.
  • You get more room area for your hardware components to place them easily.
  • With a full tower case, supplanting your PC case may never be essential.
  • There’s more room for additional graphic cards.
  • With more modest cases, you may have more than 2 card slots.
  • There are a lot more cooling and fan options that can be included in big cases like these.


  • A full tower case is weighty.
  • In case you want to sell your gaming PC after some time, then the full tower is not the best option.
  • You have to find a suitable spot to fit the size of this casing.

What are the benefits of Mid Tower?

Following are the benefits of having a mid-tower CPU casing.

  • One of the principal benefits of a mid-tower PC case is that it gives a better edge for the size and compact area.
  • It isn’t excessively little like a smaller than normal PC case, and it isn’t too large like the full tower PC case.
  • It can be fitted to more modest spaces and can be moved around without any problem.
  • More importantly, having up to at least 6 PCI-E slots implies that most gamers can utilize the mid-tower case for most present-day games.
  • Most games will run as expected on 2 GPUs – a component that is accessible in mid-tower cases.
  • There’s additionally dynamic airflow for the ventilation in mid-tower cases.
  • Small space in these cases is easier to cool down.


  • To get to some parts, you have to remove other components.
  • There is a lot of heat if more than 1 GPU is installed on the board inside the casing.


This was a discussion about full tower vs mid-tower casing, and we discussed where both of them are good at their best features and where they fail for some users.


Q#1: Which PC case should I buy?

Ans: In case you want an upgradable and flexible case for high-end gaming, then you should go for a full tower case. If you are interested in limited-time gaming and not going for any upgrades, then the mid tower is best for you.

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