End Key on laptop

End Key on laptop

On PC keyboards and Macintosh extended keyboards, End key on laptop is a unique cursor control key. Depending on whatever software is running, the End key has varied implications. It may, for example, move the pointer to the end of a line, the end of a page, or the end of a file.

On desktop and Best Laptop With VGA Port keyboards, the End key is a common key. The key’s impact is the polar opposite of the Home key. The same feature can be accessed through the key combination Fn+ Its standard symbol, as stated in ISO/IEC 9995-7, on some limited-size keyboards where the End key is missing.

The End key behaves differently in most macOS programs than it does on other platforms. The window scrolls to the bottom when the key is pushed, but the cursor location remains unchanged; that is, the End key is attached to the window, not the text box being edited.

The End key in Linux performs the same functions as it does in Windows. It scrolls a scrollable page to the end and positions the cursor at the end of a line of editable text. When pressed together with Shift in editable text, the End key, like Windows, can be used to highlight all the characters after the cursor in a particular line.

The user press the “End” key to signal that they had finished inputting data on a specific “screen” in previous screen-oriented, text-based (non-GUI) applications.

Uses of End Key on laptop

The End key on laptop can be used in a variety of ways on your keyboard, as seen below. Because not all programs use the End key in the same way, therefore not all of these examples will work with every program.

End – This command brings you to the end of a line, paragraph, or document.

Ctrl+End – Holding down the Ctrl and End keys at the same time will take you to the exact end of the document, page, or text.

Shift+End – Holding down Shift and the End key simultaneously highlights all text from the current location to the end of the line.

Ctrl+Shift+End – Holding down Ctrl, Shift, and End at the same time highlight all text from the current location to the text’s or page’s end.


The methods listed above are a few that have proven to be beneficial to many Best Laptop for Forex Trading users. You don’t have to try all of them; just try a few until you find one that works for you.


Q#1: When you press the End key in Microsoft Word, what does it do??

Ans: When you press End in Microsoft Word, it takes you to the end of the sentence.

Q#2: What are some keyboard shortcuts that make use of the End key?

Ans: The End key is used in the keyboard shortcut keys as listed below.

Alt+End and Ctrl+End

Q#3: What are the distinctions between the Home and End keys?

Ans: The home key is mainly used to get the typing cursor back to the beginning of the line you are typing on, the end key is found on a computer’s keyboard that move the cursor back to the end of the line, document, page, cell or screen where the cursor is located.