Do Downloads continue in sleep mode

Do Downloads Continue In Sleep Mode?

As the download document size is too huge, you chose to step away for a while from your PC or possibly needed to leave your PC as a result of some cause. Thus, you close down your best thin gaming laptop or leave your PC thinking the download will be finished when you are back and when you head back to your PC after some time, just to locate that the download was not finished.

Then a question is often asked for what reason did the download stop when you didn’t close down your PC. All things considered, what happened was, your best laptop for virtualization went into sleep mode as you shut it off from the cover, which interfered with the download. This raises questions for a solution that how can you continue to download when a PC or laptop goes into sleep mode in Windows 10.

Continue Downloading in Sleep Mode – Windows 10

At the point when sleep mode is enacted, all the settings, projects, and archives open on your PC are moved to their memory location. And keeping in mind that when this occurs, all the PC parts are controlled off aside from memory, your PC manages to keep memory storage running. Everything on your PC is stopped. So you can’t do anything or make any program run in the background when Sleep mode is on.

Your smartest choice is to make a power profile that will help you to kill the running apps and turn off the screen after a specific measure of time. Pretty much every other segment in the machine needs to remain on to keep the download going, with the exception of optical drives and such. The PSU needs to keep the drives running while they stay communicated with the motherboard of your best affordable gaming laptop or PC, which will let your memory containing the program continue downloading.

Disable Sleep Mode in Windows 10

Windows 10 PC is typically set to enter rest mode or sleep mode after a characterized time period in the case when you don’t do anything on it. In the event that you have put something for download and your PC stays active for a given period, it will enter into its Sleep Mode, stopping each of the running tasks on your PC.

Windows 10 settings have choices that let you disable or turn off the Sleep mode on your PC. Thusly, your download will proceed, regardless of how long it requires, regardless of whether you are not working your PC. In case Power Management Settings didn’t resolve the issue, we propose checking your Power settings options.

  • Click on the Start button.
  • Then type Power Options in the search, then hit Enter.
  • Select your plan.
  • Click on the Change plan settings.
  • Click on Change advanced power settings.
  • Go to the Advanced settings tab, and then double-click Sleep, then Sleep after.
  • Change the Settings value to 0 and click on Ok and save your settings. It won’t turn off again.


This was a short discussion on do downloads continue in sleep mode when you aren’t doing any task on the PC or laptop. For more details, comment in the box given below.


Q#1: Is it alright to leave my PC on overnight?

Ans: There’s no point in leaving your PC or laptop on without reason, but it won’t affect anything if you leave your PC on overnight. You could take your rest if you left your PC on while you are busy doing some other work.

Q#2: Is it better to close the laptop or let it rest?

Ans: A laptop that is closed down uses basically no force, yet you need to experience the full startup when you need to utilize it. A dozing laptop utilizes barely sufficient ability to keep its memory dynamic and returns to life in a flash, making it useful for when you’re not utilizing the PC for the present moment.

Q#3: Does file download stop in sleep mode?

Ans: When your computer or laptop enters its sleep mode, then all of the non-critical functions of your system are switched off, and only the memory is running at minimal power.

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