Does Thermal Paste Expire

Does Thermal Paste Expire

Thermal paste is useful equipment that is used to balance the temperature of a CPU as well as the GPU of a computer system. It comes in a tube, and it can be applied on electronic chips that produce heat, but this paste also has an expiry date. This is the answer to the question that does thermal paste expire?

Normally, a best laptop thermal paste may have a life of 3 to 5 years, and it’s the optimal condition case where it performs really well on the computer systems during these years. After a certain time, this paste is worn out and needs to be replaced so that your system doesn’t get heat.

How To Check If Thermal Paste is Expired

A thermal paste is made from diverse compounds and mixtures to absorb the heat and prevent the components from getting any heat. There are many brands, including ARCTIC, Noctua, Cooler Master, Corsair, Thermal Grizzly, Arctic Silver, and Collaboratory, to give some examples. So it’s difficult to offer a solitary response.

In case that your paste hasn’t been in use for a long time that you applied it to your hardware system, and it hasn’t been kept at a suitable temperature, then it’s possible that it may have expired. A typical temperature region with a tight seal is best suitable for keeping a thermal paste acceptable and usable.

You can check the paste by putting some on a metallic surface and spreading to check its consistency and perfection. In case that it has isolated, comes out clumpy or watery, discard it and get yourself another tube of thermal paste. You unquestionably don’t need this anyplace close to your CPU and heat sink as a thermal paste’s consistency is not left anymore, and it is scattering.

Storing Thermal Paste

In case you have a thermal paste, and you want it to last for more time and keep it protected under any conditions, then you should store it in a suitable place with the right temperature. The tube of the thermal paste can keep it protected inside, and you can do the following things to give it more life.

  • Twist the cap back onto the thermal paste tube and fix it tight.
  • Then you can place it in a Ziploc sack and don’t pull the unclogger back.
  • In case you want to use the paste, you can press your thumb from the bottom of the tube so that paste can come out from the top, which will also bring the air into the tube.
  • It will uncover the excess of thermal paste to oxidation, for which you have to find an area with an ordinary room temperature.
  • You have to avoid storing thermal paste in an area where the temperature is not normal, like either it is cold or if it’s too hot. Avoid placing the tube at such a temperature.
  • After using the paste, you should cover it properly with its cap back on and place it in a suitable daylight area where the temperature stays moderate throughout the year.

How Often To Replace Thermal Paste

A thermal paste gets expired after some time which is why it is recommended that you replace it often. Whenever you remove the heat sink of the CPU, you will need to apply a new thermal paste to the heatsink so that it can sit properly and avoid heating issues for your PC. Normally, you can wait for about 2, 3 years to wear the paste off and then apply a new paste on your processor.


This was a discussion about a question that does thermal paste expire? We provided an easy and quick answer about how it can expire and what it might affect your system. For more questions, visit the forums.


Q#1: Is thermal paste useful?

Ans: Thermal paste is very helpful to avoid your processor and GPU getting heat. Heating can cause harm to your motherboard as well as other components on your system. The thermal paste helps to avoid any heat and other related issues on a computer system.

Q#2: Should I use thermal paste on GPU?

Ans: Just like a CPU needs thermal paste, GPU also requires thermal paste to be changed after few years so that it can stay In good working condition without a problem.

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