Does CPU Affect FPS

Does CPU Affect FPS

Modern games are coming with a lot of 3D innovation, and they require high-end gaming systems to run HD graphics for the game with a very good performance and smooth experience. For such conditions, users need to have a strong PC that has the latest hardware and components that can support HD gaming with a smooth experience.

Talking about games, Frames per second (FPS) is one of the most critical things to consider if a gamer wants to enjoy a smooth gaming experience, especially in online games. A CPU is the main part of a computer system along with other hardware components like RAM and GPU that highly support the performance of a game. But the question here is the Best Motherboard for GTX 1070.

The answer to this question is, Yes. It is clear that a high-end CPU such as Core i7-4790K or above will have a greater effect in increasing the FPS of an online multiplayer game than a Core i3-5200. But some games do need multiple thread support with the use of the latest GPU to increase FPS.

Which one affects FPS more, CPU or GPU?

Both the CPU and a graphic caard or GPU of a computer play an important role in the performance of a game. For old games like Minecraft, it’s not important to have a GPU installed on your system as it can run on single-core and gives good FPS if you have a powerful CPU, but in case you want to run the latest games like Witcher 3, PUBG, COD MW, and other multiplayer or steam games, then you will need a good GPU for higher FPS.

CPU handles certain tasks during a game that a GPU cant handle very well, such as a game with AI or any situation in a game with non-player characters. But on the other side, most of the games run better with the use of GPU and increase the FPS as well. Most of the games, are programmed to run on only one core, but they have to share other resources from the GPU, which is why it has an effect on the performance of a game.

FPS for some games is greatly increased that are focused to only cores and shared resources from their threads so that CPU can boost the FPS and provide a smooth gaming experience. For the most part, quick-moving games that include first-person shooters, online multiplayer games, open sandbox games, and other such games rely mostly on CPU with multi-cores and threads. Without such a CPU, these games hardly give good FPS.

Considering an example of today’s latest and one of the popular games like World of Warcraft, it is recommended to run on quad-core processors: Intel i7-4770 (4 cores, 8 threads) or better to run smoothly and give good FPS to the gamers. Such processors can play a vital role in the performance of online games like PUBG and Fortnite to give good FPS. In case a person doesn’t have a powerful CPU, it is possible for the player to experience lag and slow performance of the game with low FPS.

Both, good CPU and GPU can help in achieving the best FPS for a game and enjoy a smooth experience; otherwise, it is not possible to achieve a good experience if any one of these is not installed on a system, then it is not possible to achieve high FPS in latest games.


This was a discussion about the CPU and its performance that can affect the FPS of a game. A complete debate is shared in detail here.


Q#1: Does CPU increase FPS?

Ans: Some games don’t give good FPS if a CPU is not powerful enough, which limits the performance of a game. Upgrading the CPU greatly increases the performance of the game with more cores and hence increases the FPS.

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