Broken Laptop Screen Boot Straight To External Monitor

Broken Laptop Screen Boot Straight To External Monitor – How to Fix

If you have a cracked or broken screen on your laptop or it is a faulty one, then you will need to connect your device to some external screen in order to continue using your laptop to transfer any data and files.

In case you have a Broken laptop screen boot straight to an external monitor issue, then there is a solution that you can try.

Solution to fix Broken laptop screen boot straight to external monitor

It’s not difficult to interface or connect your vga port laptop device to an external screen as long as your device is running. It means if the laptop still boots up and gives you the ideal turning on sound like windows opening sound or framework boot up blares and so forth, that explains your best laptop for fl studio 12 is fine.

Practically everything can be connected to a laptop device in case if proper equipment and tools are present. You can easily connect a monitor screen using cables or a smart TV and a CRT screen or other such devices. Just follow these steps.

  • Connect the laptop’s external video connection with the external display that you are going to use.
  • At first, it may automatically switch to the external screen and start displaying what’s going on. In case if it doesn’t, then you can make use of keys to change this.
  • The key combination for different laptops can fluctuate contingent upon the type of laptop from a manufacturer you are using. But for most of them, the common function keys like Fn + F3, F4, F5, F7, F8, F9, or F10 can help.
  • For instance, squeezing the Fn and F7 keys simultaneously could switch between the display of your laptop and the external screen.
  • The F key to be utilized might be marked with an icon of CRT/LCD or have an image of a screen on the key or near the key.
  • Unfortunately, the keys squeezed to switch the display screen is subject to the model and manufacturer of your laptop.
  • If nothing from what was just mentioned, key combo works, consider asking help from your laptop’s manufacturer.
  • For laptops systems with Mac OS X 10.8 or higher, in case you experience difficulty in getting the display from an external screen, then these are the steps.
  • Go to System Preferences in your laptop’s settings menu and select the Displays option.
  • Hold the Option key.
  • Then, at the bottom corner of the Display screen, it will show a Detect Displays button.
  • Click on that button to make the Mac OS search for external displays that are connected to the laptop.


This was a short discussion about a broken laptop screen and booting straight to an external monitor. For more easy guides, contact us.


Q#1: Can you connect a monitor to a laptop with a broken screen?

Ans: In case you have an issue with your best laptop for fl studio hardware, then it’s not possible. If the issue is with the broken screen, then an external monitor can be used until the screen is repaired or replaced.

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