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To ensure rapid data transference and optimized CPU performance, you must buy the best SATA cables which are one of the crucial yet neglected components.

Serial Advanced technology attachments abbreviated as “SATA cables” act as an interface and used to transmit data between a computer and external devices of large sizes such as hard drives and optical drives through the motherboard.

So if you are upgrading an existing or building a new system then you must not overlook the eminence of these tiny components interconnecting your hardware as lousy cables can stumble the constant flow of data or even deteriorate the entire system.

To help you out in choosing the competent SATA cables for your system, I’ve assembled the list of the best SATA cables which are quite efficient and competent so you can make your choice within a couple of minutes.

Monoprice SATA III with locking latch: best option with a valuable price tag

While seeking out for the SATA cables, one of the main consideration is to have a cable which is capable of fastest possible speeds.

This monoprice SATA cable is one of the best cables in the market because of its perfect blend of blazing speed and compatible design. Monopirce cables have been dominating the market for 7 years. This cable is the third-generation model of SATA connector cables with a substantial improvement in quality and sustainability.

Significant features:

Efficient speed:

Having an impressive data transfer speed of up to 6Gbps that is almost double to other conventional SATA cables is a competitive edge of this 18-inch SATA III monoprice cable.

Reverse compatibility:

This cable works best with high-quality compatible devices as well as it is reverse compatible i.e. it works on SATA 3Gbps and also 1.5 Gbps simultaneously.

Sturdy design:

Along with speed and compatibility, the design of the SATA wire is sturdy and durable enough to last longer and bear strain with the right-angled fixture on one side of the cable and the straight plug on the alternative side.

Due to this 90-degree attribute, the cable occupies less space as compare to other straight-angled wires.

Latching locks:

Latching locks are also designed on both sides of the cable to avoid breakage or floppiness in the connection.

  • SATA 6gbps cable which gives an incredible data transfer rate
  • Latching locks enable the cable to remain stuck in its positions
  • Sturdy and durable
  • The backup service is good
  • Bright color makes the cable easily identifiable.
  • Gives limited speed when connected with inappropriate or low qualities.

With two valuable draws including speed and compatibility along with right-angled and latching locks attributes, this monoprice SATA III cable is one of the best SATA 3 cables solution.

StarTech SATA III cable, USB 3.0 to 2.53- faster data transfer

For those people who want to do a one-time investment in a premium designed SATA SSD cable, then the star tech SATA III cable designed by the well-reputed starTech company the perfect option for you.

You can easily transfer tons of information between the PC and SATA storage devices by plugging it into the USB-A port.

Significant features:

Elevates drive space:

This device allows you to enhance your space option in the system. So you can steadily elevate your laptop drive space by connecting this SATA solid-state-drive (SSD) or hard drive (HDD) to an external 2.5’ SATA SSD or HDD. This feature makes this cable premium and unique, unlike other conventional cables.

Rapid Transfer rate for UASP supported systems:

Although the cable transfers data at a good speed rate of 5Gbps for the traditional system that supports USB 3.0 but this adapter works best at its full potential with the UASP supported system as you can enjoy an exceptional transferal rate up to 70% faster than standard USB 3.0.

Computers having Windows 8 OS, Mac OS, and Linux supports UASP smoothly.

Highly portable:

This cable is one of the USB SATA cables which provides an ultimate portable solution as it does not need any external power to stay connected so you can carry it along with you in your laptop anywhere and you can easily swap data from drives with a just plug and play option without any need to assemble or disassemble the CPU tower case or enclosures.

Quick recovery solution:

Star tech data transfer cable allows you to perform better backup options if your internal space is insufficient by connecting an external space driver so you can easily recover and transfer your critical data between the computer and the driver.

  • The cable performs incredibly with the UASP supported systems
  • Adds space by connecting the internal drive to an external device
  • It does not require any electricity source to operate
  • Transfers data such as 1TB at the rate of 5 Gbps within 5 minutes.
  • Slightly expensive than other SATA cables.

Doubtlessly, this Star Tech cable offers USB to SATA adapter best buy option within the highly saturated market of dummy and original products.

Cable matters pack of 3-right angled,18 inches: cost-effectivesolution

The cable matters SATA 3.0 cable supports the former SATA I,II and specifically designed to connect the host controllers and CPU’s motherboard with the internal hard drive drivers.

The cable matters offer a pack of 3 cables cost-effective solution for the convenience of tech professionals and tech startups. In need of any troubleshooting such as existing tool got broken or loosen up so they can use the supplementary cable.

Significant features:

Blazing speed:

Speed should be one of the main concerns while choosing the best SATA cables that’s why the cable matters SATA cable gives an on-point blazing speed of 6Gbps while transferring data, playing game,s or RAID configuration.

Reverse compatibility:

This SATA data cable is reversely compatible and provides secure and reliable backups with successive SATA I, II, SSD and HDD.

Right-angled design:

Due to its latching locks along with a right-angled connector on one side of the cable, you can efficiently secure fit the cable in tight spaces and a low profile cable jacket is featured in the cable which makes the cable flexible enough to do bending and refrain the cable from damages and connection interruption.

Cost-effective option:

The cable matters SATA III cable provides a cost-effective handy tool solution for gamers and professionals with a pack of 3 cables at an affordable price. so in case of any emergency or troubleshooting, gamer or techie can quickly replace the cable without having any hurdle in their work.

  • Offers a multi-pack package
  • Reasonable price tag as compared to other brands
  • Having latching clips for a secure connection
  • The bright red color makes the cable prominent
  • Offers high speed as well as reverse compatibility
  • Stainless steel clips and flexible low profile jacket design

    The cable matters SATA III right-angled multi-pack is an absolute SSD to motherboard cable for IT professionals who always need an extra backup of tools to run their activities seamlessly

    Startech 12 Inch SATA to the right-angled connection: suitable as a portable cable solution

    If you’re searching for a short SATA cable that can be useful for portable laptops or systems, then you can straightly go for this star tech 12 inch SATA cable as its nominal length enables you to quickly attach it with your system anywhere.

    Significant features:

    Support ATA and DVD:

    The Startech short cable is specifically designed to support and install serial ATA hard drives and DVD drives in mid-tower cases or small form computer cases which occupy minimal space.

    Low profile design:

    Although, the wire is a low profile SATA cable shorter in size but quite flexible and thin which allows you to bend the cable and manage the space within the computer cases.

    High speed:

    The star tech SATA 3.0 connector allows you to enjoy gaming and high-end workstations with an efficient 6Gbps bandwidth.

    Reverse compatibility:

    Reverse compatibility is one of the crucial factors which should not be overlooked while buying a cable. This cable is highly compatible with the older version of SATA hard drives as well as with 3.5 SATA hard drives.

    Right-angled connector:

    For easy and quick adjunction in tight spaces, a right-angled SATA connector is provided on one side of the cable.

    • Having a nominal 12-inch size is an ideal option for portable cases.
    • Low profile design increases flexibility thus improves the use of space and airflow.
    • Compatible with almost every motherboard as well as older versions of SATA
    • Thered SATA cable always outshines among the other wires so its striking red color is a plus point.
    • The only drawback of this cable is that it does not have latching locks for secure fitting.

    Conventionally, most people, excluding high-tech professionals want a portable and short SATA cable solution for their mid-range systems or portable laptops. The star tech 12 inch SATA to right-angled cable is an ideal option for them.

    Sabrent USB 3.0 to all SATA device: universally compatible solution:


    If you are hunting for an one solution, then the Sabrent USB 3.0 to SSD/ 2.5 inch hard drive adapter which supports and connects with all SATA devices including SATA I, II, III is the best option for you. You can do tons of data transfer and backups with this universally compatible device.

    Significant features:

     Lightning speed:

    One of the exceptional features is its blazing speed with which it transfers enormous data within few minutes. You can share and transfer dozen of information at the rate of 5gbps with this Sabrent USB 3.0 to SSD cable.

    High compatibility with UASP:

    The Sabrent SATA power adapter is perfectly made for systems that support UASP i.e. computers having windows XP OS, vista (7, 8, 8.1, 10), and mac OS. They are highly compatible with the Sabrent USB 3.0 to SSD adapter. Subsequently, the adapter gives its best performance on them.

     Backward compatible:

    The cable offers SATA III backward compatibility as it supports USB 2.0 as well as USB 1.1 with a good speed. Moreover, while transferring data through a USB 2.0, this adapter also provides 480 Mbps.

    Easy to carry:

    Weighing only 0.96, the Sabrent cable is highly portable so you can carry it along with you anywhere. Moreover, there is no need for a driver or spare enclosure, you just need to plug in the cable and start sharing the crucial data.

    LED indicator:

    The Sabrent cable has a built-in LED light indicator that shows the power and activity status.


    This device is hot-swappable as you can attach or detach it while running your system. It will not harm the system either corrupt the data.

    • The lightning speed with an ideal data transfer rate
    • Quite easy to install and operate
    • The cable shows great performance specifically with UASP supported systems
    • Offers intensive backups.
    • The plastic housing does not have good quality plastic.

    The Sabrent USB 3.0 to SSD is one of the best SATA cables because of its universal compatibility and high data transfer fair pricing.

    Buyer’s guidance for best SATA cables

    SATA cables are handy tools that ultimately help you in doing your IT professional or pastime work with more efficiency and effectiveness so before purchasing these cables, you should make your buying decision very wisely. As above, we have shared our reviews of the best SATA cables. Now we will discuss some product nuances which should be considered before making a purchase.


    One of the crucial points is compatibility .As you could not choose a random SATA cord without knowing its compatibility with your existing system. Conventionally, most of the cables are compatible with every system but still, if you have an older version of the system or something different then it is critical to check the compatibility specification of the product against your system specifications.


    Speed is another significant factor that should not be neglected while buying a SATA cable. It’s the speed rate that determines how fast the cable transfers data and does data backups.

    In this technological era, it is impossible to survive in a highly saturated market of cables with a low-speed rate. Usually, all types of SATA cables have approximately 5gbps or 6 Gbps speed rate which is good enough to transfer files quickly.

    Again, to get most of these handy tools, it is necessary to have the latest system otherwise it will reduce the cable speed.

    Connecting angle:

    Choose a cable that connects easily and remains secure fit in its position.

    Generally, tangled cables from one side are perfect to remain tucked in their places. Determine to choose a cable according to your system’s specifications. If it is a small unit having a tight space then buy a cable with a right-angled connector that occupies less space.


    Usually, 18 inches is perfect for any system but again if you have a mini portable system then the 18-inch cord will be longer for your system. So you can go for the 12-inch option.

    Although the long SATA cables option is also available in the market but selects a cable with a standard length so you can easily carry it along with you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For your assistance, we have gathered few frequently asked questions usually asked by the SATA cable users. We will answer those questions so you will get the maximum benefit from our review.

    Q#1: Do motherboards come with SATA cables?

    Ans: Yes, motherboards come with at least, cables, but obviously SATA cables don’t come with a motherboard.

    Q#2: How many pins a SATA data cable has?

    Ans: A SATA data cable has 7 pins while the SATA power connector has 15 pins.

    Q#3: Do SSDs come with SATA cables?

    Ans: No, SSDs don’t come with SATA cables neither SATA cables come along with SSDs

    Q#4: What cables do I need for SSD?

    Ans: SATA cables will be best suited to install the SSD as your secondary drive. Connect one end of the cable with the SSD and the other with the motherboard

    Q#5: Do hard drives come with SATA cables?

    Ans: No, along with the motherboard neither SATA cables come with HDDs

    Q#6: Are all SATA cables the same?

    Ans: Mostly all SATA cables are the same i.e. quality-wise, speed-wise as well as compatibility-wise. Although designs such as latching locks or low profile jackets can be different for different SATA cables.

    Q#7: Is SATA III compatible with SATA?

    Ans: Yes SATA III provides reverse compatibility with the SATA I, II. But the speed rate can be varied for older versions.

    Q#8: Where to buy SATA cables?

    Ans: You can buy SATA cables from various online markets including Amazon as well as from local markets available in your residential area.

    Final Verdict

    We have compiled our personal reviews about the 5 of the best SATA cables available in the market. However, they all have almost similar and best specifications but still make your choice according to your needs. Choose a SATA cable that fits your system’s specifications. We will recommend you to choose a SATA cable with a flexible design and a right-angled connector that fits best in tight spaces and easily portable. Rest the ultimate decision is yours.

    We hope this article will be useful for you.

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