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The majority of chargers and charging cords are prone to damage and require special attention. A charging cable is easy to break, wears out quickly, scrapes your phone, and can even damage your battery. You purchase a new charging cable, and the cycle of care, damage, and replacement begins all over again. So, this article will help you to pick Best Original Magnetic cable for iPhone and Android devices that lasts longer.

The main idea is that instead of directly inserting your charging cord into the phone’s slot, you get a little adaptor that you can keep in there. The magnetic element pulls the tip of your charging cable in when you place it close to it, so no more fiddling with the wrong tip to fit into the slot.

Best Original Magnetic cable for iPhone and Android


Today’s market has plenty of choices, making the decision is even more difficult. To make your work simpler, we’ve compiled a list of the best magnetic cables for Android, iPhone, and other mobile devices:

  1. NetDot 3-pack 2nd Generation
  2. Terasako 3 in 1 magnetic Cable
  3. Hemamba 3-in-1 Cable
  4. TOPK USB Magnetic Cable
  5. LSGAE 3 in 1 L-shape magnetic Cable

NetDot 3-pack 2nd Generation

This is a set of three magnetic charging cables from NetDot, a company that specializes in this sort of product. The cable is 1.5 meters long and features an LED indication that indicates when it is charging.

This is the second generation of NetDot’s design – it’s not uncommon to see fresh upgrades on a regular basis in the world of digital accessories, and each one claims to be the “best in the market.” It has USB 2.0 charging capabilities and is compatible with Android operating systems.

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  • 3-pack
  • a sturdy cable
  • USB 2.0 is the latest version of USB
  • Android-friendly
  • Indicator (LED)
  • It is not compatible with the iPhone.
  • Magnet strength concerns

Terasako 3 in 1 magnetic Cable

The set comes with four magnetic charging cords, each with a magnet head. Terasako magnetic charging pack thoroughly justifies its popularity with universal charging, durability, and magnetism.

The Terasako charger is the best solution for you if you want a magnetic charging cable with all of the features at a low price

An 18-month warranty is included in the bundle. However, keep in mind that this connection cannot transfer data or connect two devices due to its 360-degree rotation.

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  • Braided nylon cable that is extremely resilient.
  • Quick Charge 2.0 (Output: 5V/2A)
  • Indicator of LED light.
  • There isn’t a way to transfer data.

Hemamba 3-in-1 Cable

This cable, too, makes some bold claims – ‘the world’s strongest USB cable,’ for example – and the specification does, on the surface, appear to promise impressive performance. To begin with, this cable is rated at 3A, which means it will charge and transfer data faster than the 2A and 2.4A cables. It is also designed to be tangle-free and has a sturdy multi-core inner.

This cable comes with iPhone, MicroUSB, and USB-C connectors, so it should work with any device, regardless of manufacturer. It’s one meter long, however a two-meter version is available for a little fee, and it comes with a convenient storage bag for the tips and cord.

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  • Three connectors
  • For faster charging, it has 3A speed.
  • Can be used for data transfer
  • A 2-metre variant is also available.
  • This is a very nice carry bag.
  • Not the cheapest option
  • There have been some concerns about poor performance.
  • There is only one cable.

TOPK USB Magnetic Cable

The magnetic charge cable TOPK is made of nylon woven and comes with all bells and whistles from Magnetic loaders we expect. The Micro USB connector is great for game controllers, USB C tips, and newer Android smartphones, while the lightning connector is good for Apple items.

TOPK magnetic charging cable has a super strong magnetic field that prevents the cable from disconnecting. Normal charging is supported. This cable has 5V/2.4A (maximum) output, a universal 3in1 design, single cable compatible with iPhone, and Android devices. While playing phone games, the 90°L shape and 360°rotating magnetic head design makes charging more convenient, and the super long 6.6ft/2M length makes long distance charging easier.

Nintendo, Xbox One, and PS4 gaming controls are all working well on the right angle on the cable head. The Gen2 (left end) version transfers data and quickly charges whereas the other two versions just give loading features.

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  • Two Heads that can rotate (90 degrees and 360 degrees)
  • Compatible with the majority of Android and Apple devices.
  • Not Android Auto and Apple Car Play compatible.

LSGAE 3 in 1 L-shape magnetic Cable

Are you tired of constantly replacing your regular charging cables? Don’t be concerned any longer. The LSGAE magnetic cable is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. These cables are convenient, flexible, and can be used to charge a variety of devices. That’s right; you only need one wire to connect all of your devices.

Those looking for a charging aid rather than a device should opt for an LSGAE charger. The cables promise maximum performance with the least amount of effort. However, the most significant disadvantage of LSGAE cable is that it lacks a data transfer capability.

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  • QC 2.0 Quick Charge (output: 2.4 A)
  • Cord made of a strong, high-quality alloy.
  • Indicator of LED light.
  • Data transfer is not supported.


The only thing you should seek for is a cable that can simply connect and disconnect without problems. Aluminum mylar cables offer a high degree of flexibility. You all need to look for a cable attached, utilized and detached without effort or harm.


Q#1: Is it true that magnetic charging cables charge more quickly?

Ans: The Magnetic USB Cable can charge at up to 3A and transfer data at up to 480Mbps, which is 10% faster than most other standard cables.

Q#2: Do magnets have an impact on charging cables?

Ans: The cords will not be affected by the magnets, provided that they do not move in relation to the cords. Magnets are also included in hard drives.

Q#3: Is it safe to use magnetic cable?

Ans: Magnetic chargers are safe for cell phones and their users because of their compact size and low-intensity magnet. Even these charges won’t be able to fool the magnetometer in your phone’s digital compass.

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