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Linux is an OS that is extra adaptable with gadgets like a PC or a laptop, so you can search for drivers that can upgrade your experience and offer a smooth activity. While Linux is very adaptable, not the entirety of its Distros will uphold each piece of equipment. You may require extra drivers to address the compatibility issues.  So here we will discuss which one is the best Linux for Acer Aspire one.

All things considered, a few highlights and features may not work on your desktop. But there is never a problem that doesn’t have a solution. We are sharing this info to help you with this guide. best laptop for second life

The absolute initial step for this is to know what type of hardware are you running and what OS can it support. Also, consider what issues you looked at on your past machine, and afterward, select a model with specs that defeat those issues. Linux doesn’t need a lot of room, and if you are thinking about installing it on your Acer Aspire One, then consider the following things first.

Check Linux Compatibility

In case that you are going for a model that can support Windows operating system, make certain to look at its specific Linux Distro compatibility and issues with the drivers whether they are compatible with the system or not. A few Distros have a rundown of viable laptops that don’t match the compatibility with Linux. Because of the open-source license of Linux, it is not difficult to track down definite data about any similarity issues. Check them through forums and groups on the web and then decide.

Check Additional Features

Nowadays, laptops come with many features, including fingerprint sensors, LCDs, and also touch screens to improve and enhance the working experience. These features are amazing and of great help when it comes to reliability, but you need to keep this thing in mind that these features may not work well with Linux. Each OS is different from another, and so comes the compatibility issue. Therefore, you, as the owner of the laptop, should ensure that the Linux Distro which you are selecting for your Acer Aspire One is compatible with it for smooth performance.

Now we discuss the best two Linux to use with Acer Aspire One.


If it’s your first time with Linux, you should start your excursion with Nitrux. The distro influences on probably the most steady and all-around regarded open-source tasks, for example, Ubuntu and the KDE Plasma work area, and expands on them to make a Distro that suits the nature and understanding of new Linux clients.

For example, rather than building a custom work area environment without any preparation, Nitrux depends on KDE Plasma’s acclaimed flexibility alongside some updated segments to improve on the work process for new clients. It a few formats for the work area to permit clients to utilize the accessible screen environment.

The distro has a functioning local area that you can interface with on all the well-known informal communities. Nonetheless, the absence of a devoted documentation segment is a killjoy. Nitrux is accessible for 64-bit PCs just, however can likewise boot on more established machines with the Heritage Profiles.

Zorin OS

Zorin is accessible in various releases of the laptop models by different brands. Three of these, specifically Education, Light, and Core, are offered as free downloads. Zorin depends on Ubuntu, and the Core release is the standard form that incorporates all the applications you’ll require in a customary work area.

In case that you have a more upgraded PC, you can utilize the Light release that is intended for underpowered machines. The Education release is, as its name proposes, intended for learning and ships with all the mainstream open-source instructive applications and utilities.

Other than these three, there is a fourth form called Ultimate version, which is as of now accessible for $39. It incorporates uphold just as a couple of additional highlights, for example, the choice of utilizing interfaces that emulate macOS and is crammed with a wide range of applications and games.


This was a short discussion on the best Linux for Acer Aspire one. For further details, comment in the box below.


Q#1: Does Acer support Linux?

Ans: Acer’s Aspire E 15 is the best Acer laptop for Linux, and it doesn’t come preloaded with Linux. It comes with Windows 10 but can be used best with Linux.

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