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You will probably be looking for the best laptops for engineering students if your kid recently passed his or her college. Now is the time for him to join university with its splendid best engineering laptops. It is not unusual that you will get confused about which computer that you are going to buy for him? By searching the whole internet. It is obvious that people get confused after seeing a huge variety of gadgets.

For your convenience, we have done deep and knee research on the college computers and shortlisted top laptops. You can easily select one for your child without any regret. Let us tell the most crucial thing in a very straightforward way. If you think an average laptop with a fancy-looking design can do a splendid job for your kid that will use it for engineering tasks, then, unfortunately, you are living in a world of idiots. In the expert opinion, college computers of engineering students work ten times more than a simple laptop.

Irrespective of specialization of the field, whether your child is going for computer science engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, or chemical engineering, it is crucial that he has a power-packed laptop that can easily cope with his digital needs. Unfortunately, if any engineering student has a slow-speed laptop with an average powerhouse, ultimately, he will not stand out in the engineering field.

Additionally, laptops for engineering students must run-heavy and complex software. The importance of a high-quality laptop is paramount. Furthermore, the applications like civil 3D, , CATIA, CHEMCAD, MATLAB consume much power. In simple words, your kid needs a super-fast laptop for this purpose.

For the compiling of top laptops for engineering students, we have researched several sleepless nights. All of the mentioned computers are designed with powerful processors. Moreover, these splendid laptops can easily run intensive engineering software like AutoCAD. Adobe prime and visual studio with minimum lag and no error. So without any further delay, let’s move towards the list of these computers.

Lenovo ThinkPad P53s-best laptop overall

Lenovo ThinkPad is no doubt a splendid and outstanding gadget that comes with all the features that are beneficial and useful for the engineering field.


Lenovo ThinkPad is on the board if you are looking for a laptop that can run or processor applications like CAD or CAE without lag and slowing down. Additionally, you will not face the problem of lagging by using this laptop. This cad laptop renders the best workstation level with its 8th generation Kabyle Lake R Intel core i7-8550U quad-core processors.

Moreover, this powerful processor can easily reach up to 4.0 GHz with an 8MB cache. Apparently, the processor looks old, but its clock speed makes it the latest one. Furthermore, its working capacity is the same speed as a workstation. With the highest cache memory of 8 MB on the board, you will enjoy the fastest skyrocket performance in the processing.

GPU and graphics card

Honestly speaking, the graphic cards of these engineering laptops are not customized. You will have to work with NVIDIA Quad-core P500. If you want to change or replace it, then you are locked. You will not do so. This size of GPU works fine. This range of GPU can conveniently run allocations like CAD and others on which an engineering student can not compromise.


Yes, we know this laptop will not amaze or surprises you with its outer design as many MacBook pros do. Ultimately with all its technical terms and specification with the best features make it unique from all other laptops. Additionally, it is designed with a tactical typing experience keyboard. Ultimately it gives an immensely satisfying performance, so now you can type for several hours without getting bored. Furthermore, keys located at a suitable distance ultimately increase typing speed. You can easily type 30 words per minute if you are a newbie.

Additionally, this keyboard gives the ThinkPad signature red Trackpad button along with a cursor that uses the point cursor when you feel the touching trackpad isn’t working right.


Interestingly this laptop comes with a 4K UHD screen. Ultimately now you can use it to enjoy any movie or video that you like. The combination of 4K UHD with 3840 x 2160 pixels gives a perfect vivid display. Furthermore, this feature provides sharp color and a vivid display with wider viewing angles. Additionally, you can also enjoy an IPS panel integrated with an FHD display.

Storage and RAM

If you use your laptop daily, then you will definitely admire and appreciate Lenovo ThinkPad P53s due to their day-to-day usage. It comes with 16 GB DDR4 RAM with 512 SSD drive storage. You can easily store as much data as you want without any problem. This storage is enough to store personal as well as professional data.

With such storage and RAM, this machine boots up so quickly. Additionally, it can run and process very complex software-heavy applications with less and minimum lag. Furthermore, you will not face the problem of freezing as well. This Reddit best laptop runs smoothly with 3D modeling along with video editing.

Battery life

As far as the battery is concerned, these laptops for engineering students come with an average battery life of 8 hours. So you do not need to connect the charger with it severely. In simple words, it is no doubt a perfect laptop for multitasking.

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  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • Vast storage of 512 GB with 16 GB RAM
  • It can process heavy applications with minimum lag.
  • Wider angle
  • Designed with a powerful processor
  • Heats up easily

Acer Aspire 5 15.6″ FHD 1080P Laptop-with top-notch display

This Acer Aspire laptop comes with 15.6 inches display, a top-notch display. So grab it and fulfill all the digital needs, surprisingly.

Perfect laptop

This laptop for Matlab is undoubtedly a perfect laptop with respect to all its specifications and features. This aspire laptop is, in simple words, raised higher compared to other expensive brands due to its mid-price range. Clear this misconception mid-price does not mean average or low specs like cheap laptops, but it comes with all the specifications of an expensive laptop. This brand especially uplifted this model and made it the best lineup.


Moving towards its processor, it comes with Intel 8th generation Core i7 8550U processor. Interestingly this processor shows clock-wise memory speed up to 4.0. So. In most simple words, you can run all the software applications related to the engineering field without lag. Furthermore, it does not heat up easily. It is recommended when you feel the laptop gets heat, leave it for the next 5 to 10 minutes free so you can enjoy lag-free processing.

Unlike other cheap engineering laptops, this laptop tends to give faster processing with more accuracy. Due to this reason, it is considered in the list of best laptops for engineering students.

GPU and graphic card

This Acer Aspire laptop comes with NVIDIA GeForce MX150 GPU. Due to this feature, you can enjoy natural crisp colors and sharp colors. Furthermore, with 2GB of dedicated DDR5 memory, you will surely enjoy better visual processing than other laptops in this range. Additionally, these features provide a wider angles display. Ultimately you can also use this laptop for professional use as well.

Gaming laptop

You can also consider this laptop as a gaming computer. The reason behind this is that it’s perfect for running games as well. The complex and heavy games like fallout and fortnight can process on it with no lag. Additionally, it does not require a higher string as it can easily run with medium settings.

Let’s move towards the topic as far as the engineering field is concerned this laptop can conveniently run engineering applications and software as well—the heavy loading applications like visual studio, CHEMCAD sublime text, and brackets without rendering and lag.


Computer engineering student comes with a 15.6 inches screen with FHD display. Ultimately it gives a perfect display with these specifications. The combination of the FHD display with backlit and IPS panels provides a flawless display with vivid colors. Furthermore, anti-glare technology and a wider display with a wider viewing angle allow you to watch the screen for consecutive hours without hurting your eyes. Surprisingly, viewing the screen will not affect your eyesight.

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  • It comes with anti-glare technology to provide vivid and bright colors.
  • It is no doubt a perfect gaming laptop.
  • The perfect combination of GPU and graphic cards provide flawless working.
  • It comes with 8th generation powerful processors to provide lag-free output.
  • Proper system for exhausting of heat
  • Not much attractive

Razer Blade Stealth 13-with thunderbolt 3

Razer blade stealth 13 is a perfect engineering machine that definitely works perfectly for engineering purposes in the same way it gives splendid performance for all other tasks as well, irrespective of whether these tasks are related to engineering or not.


In case your budget is high, and you can easily afford sky-high prices, and you are looking for a gadget that provides outstanding results, then RAZER blade 15 will not be a bad choice.  As we told you earlier that we will try to provide you honest reviews, so here is a flaw in the laptop. This Razer laptop possesses the same design as all the previous and old versions have. The only innovative thing in this laptop is its expensive 9th generation Intel CPU configuration processor. It comes with a 9th generation Intel Core i7 9750H 6 core processor with a memory speed of 4.5 GHz. Every sort of application and software can easily run over it. I do not remember any application that will not run on it.

The main benefit of this processor is that it boots up very quickly. Furthermore, you do not need to worry about how you can run complex and heavy software on it. Simply install software, and you will be amazed how amazingly it works with this software.


It is indeed more versatile in the list of best laptops for engineering students. You can take it with you to your workplace due to its lightweight and compatible design. Due to this reason, Razer blade 15 has earned an immense place in the market due to its flawless performance for engineering-related tasks and also for its specifications and features. Mostly it is known as a mobile workstation.

This laptop can also be used as a gaming laptop. In Fact, most people buy it for gaming purposes as well. Its features and specifications are perfect for gaming purposes, so all the gamers idealize it for their gaming. The needs of engineers and gamers are approximately the same. Both of them need powerful processors and vast RAM so that they can easily run complex applications and heavy software with minimum lag.


As far as the GPU is concerned, this best computer for Matlab comes with the NVIDIA Geforce 2060 RTX GPU. The performance of this GPU will no doubt amaze you. Additionally with its thin CNC aluminum body is most compelling, with 0.78 inches thinning. It is not wrong to say that you can also use it for recreational purposes as well. Due to its GPU, you will enjoy enhanced graphics to enjoy your work.


Now it is time to have a look at its display. So this computer comes with a 15.6 inches display with a 144HZ matte display. Additionally, you can also enjoy the feature of edge-to-edge display with RGB backlight. You will now use it in your movie night to enjoy natural crisp and colors of graphics.

By spending money on this laptop, you can enjoy an amazing high-resolution video experience with all the engineering-related applications like CATIA, ANSYS, Solid works, and civil 3D.

Storage and RAM

With the 16 GB extended RAM, you can use it as a laptop for multitasking. At the same time, it is a perfect gadget for engineering purposes as well. The best thing about this gadget is its immense storage. It comes with 512 GB SSD hard drive storage. Its storage is enough to store a hell of data. In case you feel this storage is not enough for you, then you will easily use google drive storage to keep your data safe and secure.

Furthermore, it comes with multiple USB 3.1 device slots. Ultimately you will not face any problem while connecting any other external device with this amazing laptop.

Battery life

Like all its outstanding features and specifications that are up to the mark in performance, we will definitely expect it to come with a long-lasting battery life of up to 15 to 16 hours. The battery life is not according to our expectations, and it provides a battery life of 8 hours only.

Technically hours of battery life is enough for a single sitting. When you have done with your day work, leave it on charging, then use it after it gets charge fully.

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  • Pros
  • Quad-core powerful processor
  • Wider display with Nano edge technology
  • Super-versatile
  • You can also use it as a gaming laptop
  • Give lag-free performance
  • Bit expensive

Buyer’s Guide

In this portion of the article, you will know about the features and specifications of the best laptops for engineering students. In case you are not willing to choose any laptop from the list, then by reading this buyer’s guide, you will be able to know which things should be noticed while picking a laptop. So without any further delay, let’s move towards the features that should be noticed while picking an engineering laptop.


The very first and important thing that should not be neglected is its portability. As students have to rush from one classroom to the other to attend lectures, then it is crucial that you have a portable computer. The portable gadget means a laptop that can easily fit into the bag conveniently and must not contain much weight.

The suggested weight of the laptop by experts is around 4 to 5 pounds. The reason for weight is the screen. Larger the screen, the more the weight and vice versa. Unfortunately, if the laptop is more than the recommended weight, then it will become difficult to carry it with you anywhere you are going.


Another important aspect of a laptop for engineering is random access memory. It is obvious, and we all know that a larger RAM size means the laptop is perfect to work for every sort of application and software. But we will also tell you about the recommended range by experts.

The RAM size, which could be easily fit and fulfill the needs of engineering students, is also mentioned. The minimum range that is recommended is 8 GB, but if your budget is high, then you must pick a laptop with a 32 GB RAM size.

This RAM will show no or less lag while switching among different apps. Furthermore, it’s ideal for running may be heavy and complex software as well. So laptops with such RAM are also known as the best engineering laptops.


All the engineering requirements like drafting, designing, modeling, programming need vast storage. In the same way, the applications or software linked with engineering need good-sized storage. The applications like CATIA, ANSYS, and Solid works occupy a large space. So the recommended range of storage is 512 GB.

Now it is time to select among SSD or HDD storage types of laptop for engineering majors. We recommend you give priority to the SSD drive. The reason behind this, SSD allows quick performance and provides solid retrieval speed without lag. SSD is expensive than HDDs. You can also pick a laptop with the combination storage of SSD+HDD.


Now it is time to talk about the display. Usually, people think a good-sized screen with a higher resolution is perfect for engineering-related tasks. Keep in mind bigger screen adds more weight to the laptop. Ultimately it becomes difficult for you to carry such heavy laptops with you.

Recommended range of screen size and resolution is 14 to 15 inches with 1920 x 1080 pixels. So you must select a laptop in this range otherwise you will face many difficulties.


CPU or processor is the most important feature when you are looking for a laptop for engineering students. All the processing of laptops depends on the processor of this computer. Ultimately, in this case, processors play a vital role in handling complex software like AutoCAD, CHEMCAD, and similar like this. For this purpose, the recommended processor is the 8th generation quad-core core processor. If the budget is limited, then the generation processor will also work fine.


As you know, engineering is required to run heavier and complex software. Such software works for solid and 3D environment applications as well as video rendering.  The graphic card has great importance in this regard. This section gives a visual command and then passes it to the CPU. So all the heavy applications and heavy software that is running in on the laptop indirectly depends upon integrated graphic cards.

The laptops for engineering students come with 2GB DDR3 graphic cards that give an error-free performance.

Final Words

After spending connective hours, our team has chosen these best laptops for engineering students. We did not specifically choose them for one engineering program, but you will get an idea about all engineering programs or the applications an engineer will come across while finalizing the list. We are confident and pretty sure these laptops will help your child in advanced studies and make him stand out in his field.

You can also get better laptops than these mentioned laptops. The one thing that will cause problems is their high price. The computers on the list are budget-friendly that are affordable for every student.

We hope this article proves beneficial to you while selecting computers for engineering. Still, do you have any queries? Feel free to ask in the comment section.

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