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A laptop is a basic need as a tool of help and info for the modern world that proves to be a powerful portable device that can provide multiple functionalities to the users. Windows laptops are very much powerful and versatile as they can be linked with multiple platforms with the help of internet connectivity as well as wired or wireless connectivity.

When you want your laptop to perform multi-functions such as gaming or running high-end software, you might be thinking to connect multiple screens for gaming or for software, or you can connect a projector to teach to students with the help of a projection screen through your laptop. It would require a VGA connecting port to connect such devices with your laptop.

In case you are after the best laptop with a VGA port that can easily support multiple displays or one that can run high-end graphics support, then we have got the best suggestion listed here for you.

Huawei MateBook X Pro

Huawei MateBook X pro

Huawei MateBook X Pro is a powerful and supportive laptop that you can get as a competition or better option than most of the high priced laptops these days with multiple functionalities. This laptop is the best laptop with a VGA port that has an Intel Core i7-8550U processor and Intel UHD Graphics 620 to deliver extreme performance along with an Nvidia GeForce MX150 graphics card.

What else would you need when you have all the high-end features along with a very suitable price having everything that you need. The VGA port in this laptop supports multiple displays as well as projectors and other devices such as external graphic supports with the help of a VGA cable.

Some specifications of this laptop are.


  • Intel Core i7-8550U
  • Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • 512GB SSD storage
  • 8GB/16GB RAM memory
  • USB 3.0, USB-C (Thunderbolt 3), USB-C 3.1 supported
  • HDMI port and VGA port
  • 9-inch 3K LED having a touch panel display
  • Nvidia GeForce MX150 graphics

All of these features working together deliver a fantastic performance for the user to complete its tasks. The laptop runs with Windows 10 Signature Edition, which is why users don’t have to worry about bloatware or free trial software that usually slows down the system along with pop up ads.

Features of Huawei MateBook X Pro

The Huawei MateBook X Pro gives a great Windows 10 experience with its performance that makes it ideal for those thinking about making the switch from any other platform.


The laptop has a smooth and provocative design that looks pretty recognizable. There’s not even a shadow of a doubt; Huawei released this laptop to tackle most of the competitors in the market with a sleek design and multiple functionality support devices. It comes in dark grey colour, and its slim design is also very attractive.


Having a beautiful design, the laptop also has a very impressive display screen that is a bezel-less display covering about 91% of the screen to body ratio. It is a clever looking design for a laptop made to compete with MacBook Pro, and the screen of this laptop also supports multiple displays through VGA support to display it on a bigger screen or other platforms.

Memory and Storage

It has 8GB of RAM with a memory of 512 GB SSD, making it very responsive and faster to fetch and run any app or software within seconds. It doesn’t let your system slow down and makes it faster to switch between multiple apps or software for multi-tasking.

Durable Quality

It is a compact laptop with a lightweight body that is durable to last even harsh impacts. The body is made with fine quality that is strong enough to hold back any impact. Just make sure you don’t drop it from a certain height or leave a deep impact because, Afterall, it’s just a machine that can get broken any time.


There is a webcam that is built in the keyboard instead of the screen as its screen is mostly covering the area. The webcam is hidden, and it doesn’t look prominent, which is why the screen design makes the laptop very prominent to give a great display. But the webcam can give unflattering displays you’re you turn it on due to the angle. But all in all, the webcam is covered most of the time in the keyboard when not in use.

Compatibility and Portability

The laptop is portable due to its compact and unique design. It weighs just under 3lbs, and you can carry it around with you anytime you want to. Having a number of usable ports such as one USB 3.0, one USB-C (Thunderbolt 3), an HDMI port and one USB-C 3.1, along with a VGA port, this is a perfect fit to fill your needs when you travel.


This laptop is very fast and doesn’t decrease its speed even when you share multiple devices with its VGA support to share info or screen with multiple users. You can use it to consistently portray anything on any other media with the help of VGA cable to support other laptops or bigger projector screens etc., to watch movies and read lectures, etc.


The connection of the VGA cable is simple to set up through a VGA port that is available at the side of the laptop. You can easily set up the port connection by connecting one end of the cable in the port of your laptop and the other with the support device to share screen or data. It doesn’t include any expertise, and you just have to wait for it to install the new recognized device with the system.


The connection through the VGA port to any device is also secure as it doesn’t let anyone steal your data or replicate your data, and neither it can let anyone to mess with your system. It’s up to the user to share the screen or personal data through VGA support, but all the cards are in the user’s hand, so no need to worry about getting the data leaked or hacked.

The Huawei MateBook X Pro is overall the best laptop with a VGA port having multiple features and functionalities that we have explained in detail. It’s the best laptop with Windows support to be versatile enough to work with multiple platforms and devices.

Now we talk about some pros and cons that you get with this laptop just to clear up your mind for this particular laptop.

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  • ProsGood Design
  • Bigger screen ratio on the body
  • Easy to Use
  • Fast Performance
  • USB ports, HDMI ports and VGA port support
  • Multiple Screen Setup Support
  • Responsive and secure
  • Good quality
  • Value for money

  • Webcam is not satisfying
  • No SD slot
  • Fans can get loud
  • Average battery life

Tips Before Buying a Laptop With VGA Port

You don’t only have to check for the VGA port to buy a laptop. There are lots of different things to check and test when you are considering buying a laptop.

  • First, Windows 10 is a versatile and clean platform to use that is also very to understand, which means that it’s a good choice for those people who don’t have much of the idea about computers to use. This laptop is supported with Windows.
  • Microsoft Windows laptops, in particular, are great in design, and they create the best possible user experience.
  • The Windows laptops are also very affordable as compared to Mac, making them a great choice for the students as well as for those people who are low on a budget.
  • Getting a Windows laptop with functionalities like HDMI support, VGA port, USB ports and all the functions at a lower price is always a better choice than buying an expensive laptop with less versatility.


This was a discussion about the best laptop with a VGA port. We described the features and functionalities of the best option in our view, and there are a lot more options that you can get from the market as well. Each laptop may have a unique or different quality over the other model. So always know more about a laptop before you buy it. We hope this was helpful info, and for more info, you can leave a response in the comment box below.


Q#1: Do new laptops have VGA ports?

Ans: It isn’t as basic to utilize projectors any longer, and most laptops presently do exclude VGA as a connection alternative. Notwithstanding, it is feasible to send an image from your laptop to a projector with a connector.

Q#2: Would I be able to interface VGA to PC?

Ans: In case that you are utilizing an HDMI or VGA connector, plug the connector into your laptop and interface the link to the other device on the opposite side of the connector. Turn on your system. After your PC has stacked, your laptop picture should project.

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