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Laptops are portable and a great option to carry around when a person has to do a lot of work online along with its chores. It can be difficult for a person to manage their job as well as household work and managing time for the family. Laptops make it easier to be available as a device to carry around and finish the work whenever it is required.

With time and innovation, laptops have evolved and lead to the latest technological products like Ultrabooks and notebooks that are very lightweight but powerful in resources. Users look for laptops in different categories according to their ease of use and requirements. Some look for laptops for gaming, while others will be looking for a laptop to do business work. Under these conditions, there are also people who are looking for a laptop with a sim card slot.

What’s the Purpose of Having a Sim Card in a Laptop?

The answer is obvious; laptops are the most innovative products that pack all the features from desktop computers as well as from smartphones. These machines pack all the features into one place. A laptop having a sim card slot means it is able to pick up and support LTE connectivity, making it very much suitable for a user to connect to the web whenever he wants to and also make calls with the help of its services.

Laptops with Sim card slots are beneficial for those people who don’t have broadband connectivity at home or for those people who travel a lot and carry their laptops with them to complete their work. This reduces time, effort and stress for internet connectivity.

If you are looking or searching for the best laptop with a sim card slot, then we might have the best solution for you. We are sharing the complete details of our suggestion below.

Dell Inspiron 13 5000 LTE

Dell inspiron 13

The Inspiron 13 5000 LTE by Dell is one of the greatest releases by Dell corp. The Inspiron 13 is a sleek and stylish laptop that you get with a sim card slot, and it supports LTE. This is one of the most selling and famous laptop series of Dell as it is packed with several great features and specifications.

Inspiron 13 5000 Specifications

  • General Brand – Dell
  • Model – Inspiron 13 5000
  • Processor – Intel Core i7 8th Gen 8250U
  • Memory – 8GB RAM
  • Storage – 256 SSD
  • Display Size 13.30-inch
  • Graphics – Intel Integrated UHD Graphics 620
  • Inputs – Touchpad.
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi standards supported 802.11 ac

Dell gives the ultimate mobile computing experience by including a Ubigi Sim that ensures that you get connected with Inspiron 13 5000 straightaway. With Ubigi, you can stay always connected to the web services by using Sim cards from 130 different countries to stay connected.

The Inspiron 13 5000 4G LTE laptop lets you connect to the world without worrying about broadband or paying rent somewhere for the internet to access a network. It’s free and secure and keeps you connected as long as you are using Sim data.

Features of Dell Inspiron 13 5000

Following are some of the major features that come preloaded with this laptop model.


This laptop is very fast and doesn’t decrease its speed even when the WiFi hotspots are shared by multiple users that would normally reduce connection speed. As it supports LTE services and mobile broadband, this laptop runs at 4G LTE consistently to make the most of your web surfing.

Users don’t have to wait for minutes to pass to browse to the next pages or to link other device connections to the laptop as it is very adaptive and responsive to all types of LTE connections.


It is simple to set up and then to use, and users don’t have to spend their time trying to set up WiFi for their systems and then protect them by using passwords. The high-speed internet service is supported with this laptop that only requires a secure connection of LTE via any sim card.

Users just have to use their Sim to turn on the data, and the internet on the laptop starts working as if it is connected to broadband but with a better speed.


One of the most notable things that every user needs is the security and privacy for their system whenever they are connecting to the web services. You get secure and safe connectivity with the mobile broadband that is built into the laptop already, so that eliminates the worry about the integrity of the network that you’re logged on to or if someone else is sharing it with you.

Adaptive Thermal:

It is smart as the latest devices, and it understands the surface when you place it anywhere at all. From a hard surface like a desk to your soft lap, the laptop uses the adaptive thermal profile to keep itself cool while the fan keeps running on.

Latest Processors:

The laptop is loaded with 10th Generation Intel processors to deliver maximum and incredible power for responsiveness and smoothness for multitasking.

Memory and Storage:

With 8GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD memory, this laptop makes it easier to switch back and forth between different apps that are running on your system.

Miniaturized Webcam:

There are additional features like the new 2.7mm webcam having a 4-element lens that delivers excellent performance in capturing quality video when you make video calls with your family and friend using your web connection. The high-quality cam ensures noise reduction and a smooth frame along with a stable internet connection even when you are using it in low lights.

Backlit Keyboard:

The laptop gives you a backlit keyboard in it that lets the user to work under dim light conditions. This keyboard illuminates the lights under the keys, making it easier for the user to see and type the keys easily while working late after the evening or at night. You can easily use it in your bed with lights turned off without worrying about which key to press in the dark as it will light up all keys for your ease.

Innovative Hinge:

The laptop has a hinge that is not found in an ordinary laptop that lifts it up from the table for about a 135-degree angle to increase the airflow in order to keep it cool. There is also a lid-open sensor that turns on the laptop whenever you slide it up or turn off the laptop completely when you fold it down. This makes it faster and quicker to respond.

Body and Styling

The laptop has narrow borders making it more clear feel with the screen. It makes the screen give a sleek look of slim and innovative style that is adopted by most of the brand these days. There is also great diamond-cut finishing around its touchpad that gives a premium feel and a great look.

Power Button/Fingerprint Reader:

There is a new addition of the fingerprint reader on this laptop that is placed on the power button. This makes it very much like the latest android phones having fingerprint sensors and a power button in the same spot. It only requires a single touch of the user to power on the laptop or to shut it off with the button.

Durable Quality:

This is a small portable laptop that is 16.8mm thin. As a lightweight device, it’s the best companion for all your trips. The body covers are made from durable plastic with a mixture of glass fibre and aluminium palm rest to give the laptop a strong and resistive quality.


With the support of NVIDIA MX 250 discrete graphics at 2GB GDDR5 VRAM, this laptop gives you the chills of the latest graphic display at a very clear screen.


It is supported with an FHD anti-glare touch display that is one of the finest displays delivering a very fine and clear image quality that doesn’t even hurt naked eyes. This screen is touch supported that makes it very fast and adaptive to human touch to easily perform any quick tasks.

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  • Seamless PC and smartphone integration to pair your iOS or Android phone with the laptop.
  • Dell Mobile Connect lets you make calls, send texts messages, and get notified easily.
  • Dell Mobile Connect’s point-to-point secure connection to keep you secure.
  • Easy to transfer images and videos from PCs to Android phones
  • Smart aluminium construction.
  • Slim display bezels with a compact look.
  • Solid performance.
  • Comfortable backlit keyboard.
  • USB-A and USB-C ports.
  • Less storage with 256GB of SSD.


This was a descriptive article for the best laptop with a sim card slot as a suggestion and recommendation for the users. For more info, leave a comment in the box below.


Q#1: Why there is a SIM card slot in my laptop?

Ans: The SIM slot in the laptops is for WWAN (mobile broadband) connectivity to make it easier for you to connect to the web using your mobile network service.

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