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Top 5 Best Laptop for Writers – Reviews In 2023

People usually believe that writing is an easy task and does not require particular gadgets or equipment. But, for writers, it is a complex task as it requires undivided attention and appropriate tools. Having comfortable and relevant equipment for writing can make writing more enhanced and efficient.

Writers were once associated with pen, paper, and typewriters. But, In the current times, writers can not even imagine writing without using a laptop. Writing is considered remarkable as both, profession and a hobby. Laptops are the most preferred devices for writing by writers across the globe, as typing on a laptop is easy and less time-consuming than on other devices. Therefore, Laptops have now become the standard for writing. This trend has started an ongoing search for the best laptop for writers.

Writers spend hours typing, so having a comfortable laptop is crucial for them. In this article, we have carefully selected and reviewed the best laptops for authors to make it convenient for the writers to choose the best laptops for writing. Here we go.

Apple MacBook Air M1

Renewing its antecedent features, the latest Apple MacBook Air represents the classic sleek aesthetics with better Apple silicon. The portability and efficiency of this laptop deem it the best laptop for writers. As the name suggests, the MacBook Air is lightweight and easy to carry. The weight of the parts is proportionate with a thin, portable, and travel-friendly design.

Best feature

The keyboard is the part given great importance when choosing the best laptop for writers. In the Apple MacBook Air M1, the new magic keyboard has replaced the butterfly keyboard. This keyboard comes with the classic scissor switches, giving off a clear-cut, energizing, and flexible outlook. The keys of this keyboard are sensitive to tap and comfortable to use. This keyboard has highly receptive keys that rebound instantly after typing, making it the fastest and best keyboard on a laptop. Optimum spacing between keys is present, and overall, the keyboard gives off a classic MacBook vibe. Moreover, the keys never bent, wobble or produce any other uncomfortable sensations that bring exhaustion.

What’s new?

In contrast to other laptops, where separate parts are present on a motherboard, the M1 chip functions uniformly as a system on a chip or SoC. The M1 chip has every single component such as the secure enclave, unified memory, SSD controller, image signal processor, 8-core CPU, and 8-core GPU incorporated on a single chip.

The unified memory allows all cores, CPU, and GPU to exchange memory instead of copying data. To make this memory design work M1 chip does not specify areas for CPU or GPU. It simply makes the same memory available to both processors, which doesn’t imply any need for copying, and the overall performance becomes very fast. Additionally, since everything is so closely put together, the data travel time is reduced, making the experience even faster.

What makes it great for writers?

As writers spend hours typing, battery timing massively affects their performance. Once fully charged, the battery of the Apple MacBook Air lasts for up to 14 hrs approximately, which is a duration for a writing device. Besides this, the fluent and bouncy keyboard, M1 processor aka SoC, and 16GB RAM make it the best laptop for writers.

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  • Up to 14 hrs battery timing
  • Responsive keyboard
  • Decent sleek design
  • High-quality build
  • Support for only one external display

HP Elite C1030 Chromebook

The HP Elite C1030 Chromebook comes in a high-quality build. This feather-weight Chromebook comes in a silver-colored, sleek body that adds a decent yet premium feel to the work table. Weighing approximately 2.8 pounds only, the portability of this laptop makes it the best portable laptop for writers. The impressive form factor of this typing device has soft finishing with a graceful HP logo at the center that gives an overall elite look.

Best feature

It is said to be the best Chromebook for blogging as it has all the attributes that one expects from a high-end Chromebook. Having RAM up to 16GB, this device ensures reliable performance and speed. In addition to this, it has a phenomenal keyboard that gives a fatigue-free typing experience. Chromebooks are usually known for their stiff and flat keyboards. But this one features bouncy and highly responsive keys on the keyboard, making it the best laptop for writers.

What’s new?

The high-end build and exceptional keyboard are bound to give a great typing experience to the writers, ultimately resulting in perfect writing. Moreover, it has advanced security features. It includes a fingerprint scanner that offers sign-in without typing a password. Another feature is the webcam switch through which users can turn their webcam off or on with just one press. Lastly, the feature that makes it the best laptop for writers having privacy concerns is the option for a privacy screen. This screen allows only viewing from the front and blocks viewing from all other angles.

What makes it great for writers?

Chromebook is undoubtedly the best device for writers. Being lightweight, it allows users to type on the go. Moreover, its screen gets on instantly when turned on, just like tablets. This feature makes it even more functional and comfortable to use. The HP Elite C1030 Chromebook has mediocre battery timing and can last for up to 8 hours. Still, 8 hours is a good battery timing for writers considering the free-flowing keyboard. The Island keyboard board buttons do not require much pressure and give a bounce-back response for even the lightest stroke. Overall, the effortless performance and exceptional Island keyboard make it the best Chromebook for typing.

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  • Spectacular 3:2 display
  • Advanced privacy features
  • Strong Aluminum body
  • Island keyboard
  • Costly
  • Mediocre battery timing

Dell XPS 13 9310

The Dell XPS 13 9310 is, without any doubt, the best laptop for writers. Having Intel’s most recent 11th Generation Tiger Lake CPU, this laptop promises speedy and productive functioning along with a long-sustaining battery. This portable writing device, weighing only 2.8 pounds, has an extraordinary 13.4 display with an aesthetic chassis. The aluminum on the sides is dipped twice, ensuring durability and protection from scratches. Moreover, the tiger lake boosts up the working and provides high-speed performance.

Best feature

With an excellent quality vivid display with more vertical space that further adds pixels to 1080p, making this display even more beautiful. Additionally, due to the 500 nits of brightness, this display can be comfortably viewed even in outdoor settings. Another great feature is the audio, where XPS 13 does not fail to impress. Its excellent quality sound from stereo speakers makes it hard to believe that such an incredible sound is coming from this portable writing device.

What’s new?

The Dell XPS 13 9310 features the advanced 802.11 Wi-Fi 6, which is bound to provide users with a stable internet connection. It also offers wireless connectivity for the Bluetooth 5, through which a wireless mouse or keyboard can associate. But, due to the presence of a spacious and highly responsive touchpad, the need for connecting a wireless mouse may not be a problem. A great security feature is the fingerprint scanner within the power button that facilitates effortless login without a password. The keys of the keyboard are backlit, adding to the aesthetics and providing better visibility in the dark. Overall, it is one of the best dell backlit keyboard laptops.

What makes it great for writers?

This portable writing device comes with an exceptional big display. It has a vibrant 16:9 ratio display that adds more vertical space, which shows more content at once. This feature helps when a long document gets edited, making it the best laptop for writers as writers prefer larger displays when editing or proofreading a document. Bigger keycaps with more space between keys make the keyboard more aesthetic and comfortable. Moreover, the buttons are highly responsive and give a gratifying bottoming reaction, to create a satisfying typing experience.

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  • Intel Tiger Lake CPU
  • 16:9 ratio, vertically spacious display
  • Portable and sleek chassis
  • Backlit large keyboard
  • Expensive
  • The battery lasts for only up to 8 hrs

Google Pixelbook Go M3

This budget-friendly large keyboard laptop has a stylish and lean design. With a weight of 2.3 pounds only, the thickness of this laptop is amazingly 0.5 inches. The chassis is of magnesium alloy that shows high resistance against pressure. This laptop offers a good grip when carried due to its matte covering and textured base. The backlit keyboard is amazingly silent and highly responsive. These premium attributes in a lightweight body and a light on the pocket price make the Pixelbook Go the best laptop for writers.

Best feature

The large-size keyboard with optimum spacing between keys makes Pixelbook Go the best Chromebook for typing. Having a 13.3-inch touchscreen, it offers two options for display. One option is to get the full HD display, while the second option includes the more costly Molecular Ultra HD 4K display. Additionally, it has top-firing speakers that have a sound quality good enough to beat most bottom-firing speakers.

What’s new?

The 1080p camera on the Google Pixelbook Go is better than the webcams of many other laptops. It provides a crystal clear and consistent video. Another flawless feature of the Pixelbook Go is its battery timing that lasts for up to 12 hrs. Moreover, It has a fast-charging feature through which 20 minutes of charging can last for up to 2 hours.  With high performance, a long-lasting battery, and fast charging, this Chromebook is ready to be used at all times.

What makes it great for writers?

Deemed the best laptop for writers on a budget, having premium features in a price tag that’s not so premium, the Google Pixelbook Go promises an exceptional writing experience. The stunning backlit keyboard has Google Hush keys incorporated that offer soundless yet responsive typing. It is a good option for writers working in a shared environment as it will allow them to type quietly without disturbing others.

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  • Portable
  • High performance
  • Large backlit keyboard
  • Soundless keys
  • Long lasting battery
  • Fast-charging support
  • No Fingerprint scanner
  • No Face ID recognition
  • The battery lasts for only up to 8 hrs

Microsoft Surface Book 3

The Microsoft Surface Book 3 is somewhat similar to the Microsoft Surface Book 2. Most laptops that convert to tablets have a folding feature. The Surface Book 3 has a 2-in-1 feature through which the laptop display can be separated from the keyboard and used as an independent tablet. With luxurious quality, this portable writing device incorporates double batteries. This feature puts it on the list of the best laptop for writers who prefer writing on the go. This quadcore-powered typing device comes with a 10th generation Intel core processor, making it the most high-performance surface laptop to exist.

Best feature

While all other features are excessively satisfactory, the exceptionally vivid 13.5-inch display screen is one feature that stands out. The Surface Book 3 has a 3:2 ratio with a 3000 x 2000 Pixel sense display that provides a satisfactory visual experience. Additionally, it features discrete graphics, which are rare to find in laptops with a 13-inch display.

What’s new?

Surface books are unique as they offer a complete detachment between the display and keyboard. The display can be used as a tablet when detached. These laptops feature flexibility as they can function as both a laptop and a tablet. It’s a compact laptop with a comparatively thicker body than other portable laptops. Still, this clamshell surface book serves a premium look with its vibrant 13.5-inch display and comfortable keyboard. The battery timing can go up to 17.5 hours when the tablet is attached to the keyboard, while it lasts for only 2-3 hours when used as a tablet.

What makes it great for writers?

Since it can function as an independent tablet, it can be the best laptop for writers and bloggers who require illustrations in their writings. Tablets offer great convenience and comfort for sketching or drawing, But for typing, nothing can beat the comfort of the laptop keyboards. Surface Books are the perfect choice for writers who are confused between buying a laptop or tablet. The Surface Book 3 features a spacious keyboard with optimum gaps between the highly responsive keys and a small but responsive touchpad. It gives both the convenience of a tablet, the comfort of a keyboard in a single package, concluding itself as the best laptop for writers.

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  • Great performance
  • Spacious and comfortable keyboard
  • Detachable Independent tablet
  • Double batteries
  • Premium top-firing speakers
  • 3000 x 200 Pixel sense display
  • Discrete graphics
  • Battery timing up to 17.5 hours when used as a laptop
  • High price
  • Reduced battery timing for tablet

Buyer’s Guide

Advanced gadgets with exemplary specs add efficiency to the writing outcomes. Writing is not merely affected by the keyboard as several other features also prominently play a part in the writer’s performance. In addition to the keyboard, the factors such as speed, RAM, battery life, CPU, and storage, hold great importance. Therefore, when choosing the best laptop for writers, all the specs of the writing device are to be carefully assessed.

Tracking down the best laptop for writers is a difficult task as there are tons of incredible and many awful laptops out there. To help you find the perfect writing device, here’s a list of all the features you need to evaluate. Hoping this guide will help you find the best laptop for writing.


Most people prefer spacious and soundless keyboards with responsive and bouncy keys, but these preferences vary from person to person. A comfortable keyboard is one of the essential characteristics of a good laptop. Even if users have a low budget that can not fit a comfortable typing laptop, they can still get a separate keyboard to satisfy their comfort needs. Those working in or planning to work in low-light settings should always choose a backlit keyboard.

When it comes to the brands, the keyboards in Apple laptops are the most perfect and comfortable, and the ones in Intel Ultrabooks are also good, while most other Intel laptop keyboards are not comfortable at all.


Greater RAM means faster performance. RAM above 8GB proves great for all laptops, while Macbooks can work fine with even 2-4GB RAM.


Always choose a laptop that comes with an SSD option so that you can upgrade the storage whenever you need it.


Intel i5 or a more advanced processor is preferred.


Choose a laptop that doesn’t weigh more than 3lbs so that you can carry it easily.

Final Words

Few general features comprise the best laptop for writers. The need for these features may vary among different writers. The writing laptop must be following the individual needs and type of usage. Additionally, the settings where the laptops get used must be kept in mind. For example, Backlit keyboard laptops are best for lowlight settings, and soundless keyboard laptop works great for shared environments.

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