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To step into the field of SEO, you only need the best laptop for SEO. SEO is an emerging field in a list of trendy fields all over the world. Seo is basically the understanding that what people are searching for online nowadays. There are many huge courses now available for improving SEO skills online.

For SEO, you do not need any high-class and up-to-date laptop. An SEO specialist does not need to work on complex software, so laptops with minor GPU and processors are fine for this purpose.

Now the problem is how a person can pick the best laptop for digital marketing in the wide varieties of best laptops?. To make the selection easier for you, we spent our time making a list of perfect laptops for SEO purposes and giving honest reviews about them.

Before going towards the detailed review of these laptops, have a quick look at the features that you must notice in the laptop that you are selecting.

Buying guide: features to be noticed in best laptop for SEO

If you do not know much about laptops, then this portion will prove very beneficial for you. So without wasting another second, have a look at the important features of a laptop.


Basically, there are only two types of processors used in laptops Intel and AMD. Must select a laptop according to its workload. In case you are selecting a laptop to process complex software, then Intel processors are good for this purpose.

For SEO purposes, processors of both types work fine. SEO does not require you to work on heavy and complex apps and software. So you can choose a laptop irrespective of its processor for SEO reasons.


Storage capacity and storage type is another important thing that you must notice while selecting a laptop. Two types of storage are now introduced to the market HDD and SSD. SSD storage is more reliable than HDD storage.

Select a laptop with a minimum storage of 128 GB as it works well in the SEO process. In case you have more budget, then you can go for the laptop with more vast storage.


When we talk about the RAM, 16 GB RAM sounds good for the best laptop for digital marketing. Because in digital marketing, you have to work online and on different websites. You do need to install heavy and tricky software.

If you have a good amount of investment, you can also pick a laptop with larger RAM. so you can work even faster and smoother without any lag. Investing money in your equipment is not bad, so always select a laptop according to your budget. For SEO purposes, the minimum range of RAM is 16 GB.

Operating system

The most important thing about a laptop is its operating system. Mainly all the important processes of the laptop are carried out by an operating system. Basically, there are three types of operating systems macOS, Windows 10, Linux, now trending in the market. The most reliable laptop operating system for SEO purposes is window 10.

The laptop that is equipped with window ten as an operating system can manage computer resources like the central processing unit, hard disk, and printer more efficiently. So must select a laptop with window 10 for SEO. In the case that you have a higher budget, then you can select a laptop with macOS as this operating system also shows excellent performance. But this operating system is a bit expensive.


The best laptop for affiliate marketing must contain a laptop with a good keyboard. As much work in affiliate marketing is related to typing. So if you are looking for a laptop for affiliate marketing, then, first of all, notice its keyboard.

A perfect keyboard is super responsive, and its keys are placed at a suitable distance that ultimately helps faster typing. Keys work so smoothly that they do not produce any noise while typing. So you should notice all these specifications of the keyboard and then decide whether you have to buy this laptop or not.

Now it’s time to have a look at the list of some best laptop for SEO

HP Chromebook 14-inch HD Laptop-with dual-core processor

HP Chromebook 14 inch

Hp Chromebooks are considered the best Chromebooks about their processor. Additionally, these laptops show excellent performance without lag.

HP Chromebook 14-inchSpecification
Screen size 14 inches
Maxim screen resolution 1366 x 768 pixels
Memory speed 206 GHz
Card description Integrated
Average battery life 13.5 hours
Operating system Chrome OS
Laptop weight 3.2 pounds
Storage 32 GB
Number of processor 2

Androids apps

Chromebook 14 can run almost all types of Android apps. Ultimately you can run all your favorite android apps that you use on cell phones, and tablets are now available on this Chromebook. On the other hand, these apps work at the same speed as they work on phones. These apps remain as simple and secure as they were simple and secure on the phones.


With the comfortable backlit keyboard, this Chromebook 14 comes with a sleek and responsive design. For easier and fast typing, HP Chromebook supports a four-finger gesture perfect for typing from room to room movement and typing on the road.


With Intel core R processor, it can perform multi-tasks simultaneously without slowing down speed and lag. Additionally, Dual-core N4000 with the base frequency of 1.1 GHz to the 2.6 GHz burst frequency helps you to process and run complex heavy software and apps on it.


For better visuals and HD graphics, this laptop comes with 14 inches wide display with a maximum screen resolution of 1366 x 768. This perfect combination of screen resolution and screen size helps to give a perfect crisp of colors. Additionally, stereo speakers give enough volume that they can easily echo a small place like a room and a small hall.

Environmental friendly

Unlike other Chromebooks or laptops, this Chromebook is designed using components that are harmless to the environment. Arsenic-free display glass, EPEAT, low halogen, and mercury-free display backlights add reliability to the Chromebook and provide no harm to the natural environment.


This Chromebook comes with 32 GB eMMC storage that is enough to keep your data and professional files for storing larger data. Additionally, there is also space available in google drive if you think built-in storage is not enough. As far as the RAM is concerned, 4GB helps to allow you to switch among different apps and tabs without any lag.

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  • Larger display with perfect resolution
  • Made with environmentally friendly components
  • Dual-core processor
  • Lightweight
  • The sleek, responsive, and handy design
  • Mediocre camera quality

There is no such work related to cameras in SEO requirements if all the other features look good to you. You can select it without any regret.

ASUS F512JA-AS34 VivoBook 15 Thin and Light Laptop-with backlit keyboard


If you want to buy a laptop with all the features of an expensive laptop, you should choose it without any fear. ASUS laptops give all that feature at a reasonable price.


With a stunning 88% screen to body ratio, this ASUS laptop comes with a screen of 15.6 inches with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with the nano edge bezel display. These features allow for proper crips of colors of graphics.

Built-in google apps

For a better experience of web activities, this laptop comes with a built-in google classroom, Microsoft Edge, and internet explorer 11. Additionally, Google drive provides additional storage except built-in storage to provide spacious storage.


The latest and innovative processor of 10th generation intel core processor with a memory speed of 3.4 GHz gives excellent performance. Additionally, it does not show any lag and slows its speed while working on complex applications and software.


With 128 GB built-in storage, it gives enough spacious space to store various personal and professional data. Additionally, 8 GB DDR4 RAM is perfect for the processing of various complex software and applications.


For improved and snappier typing, this laptop is equipped with an exclusive ergo lift design. Furthermore, with a sleek and handy design, keep it cozy to take it anywhere with you where you are going.


For better and stronger connectivity, the laptop comes with USB 3.2 type C, USB 3.2 Type-A, a port for HDMI with Wi-Fi Gigabit 5. Ultimately it allows the faster and snappier transfer of data.

Operating system

Windows 10 in S mode helps to install the apps that are available in the Microsoft store. For the installation of applications that are not available on the Microsoft store, you just have to simply turn off the operating system in S mode.

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  • Window 10 S is used as an operating system.
  • Stronger connectivity
  • The sleek and handy design
  • Powerful processor for the fast working
  • Comes with built-in google applications.
  • Mediocre screen quality

In short, this laptop is considered to be one of the best laptops for SEO due to its strong connectivity and built-in google apps.

Lenovo Chromebook-SEO laptop

Lenovo Chromebook-SEO laptop

Lenovo Chromebook comes with all the high-end features that are crucial SEO workers. All these features come in a single laptop at a reasonable price to make it a perfect laptop.

Lenovo ChromebookSpecification
Display size 11.6 inches
Maximum screen resolution 1366 x 768 pixels
Memory speed 1600 MHz
Battery Life 10 Hours
Storage 64 GB
Ports for USB 3.0 1
Laptop weight 2.64 pounds
Number of processors 4
Operating system Chrome OS

Operating system

To get the performance, the innovative laptop comes with Chrome OS. Furthermore, this operating system manages all the laptop hardware and software efficiently without showing any clash. The most interesting thing about this C330 boots up in nanosecond for snappier work.


The innovative feature of this Chromebook is that it comes with a 360-degree hinge. So you can convert it into various shapes according to your work requirement. Moreover, Chromebook is super handy and thin as it is 1 inch thin with a weight of 2.64 pounds.


Lenovo Chromebook comes with a maximum screen display of 11 inches with a compatible screen resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels that ultimately give you sharp and vivid graphics with sharp colors.

Built-in virus protection

To keep your data secure from malware viruses, this laptop comes with built-in virus protection. Additionally, the best thing about it is that there are pre-installed Google apps. You just have to log in through email, and you will recover your data via the cloud in a few seconds.


For stronger connectivity to transfer and receive data more speedily, there are a variety of ports. This Chromebook comes with one port for USB 3.0, a port for USB 2.0, and a microphone jack. There is also a jack for fast charging. The best thing about it is that it has a long-lasting battery life of 10 hours, so you do not need to keep its charger with you everywhere you are going.

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  • The best laptop for SEO comes with a wider screen.
  • Built-in virus protection.
  • Boots up in nanoseconds.
  • Show less lag.
  • 360-degree convertible.
  • The long-lasting battery of 10 hours.
  • Worse customer services.

Normally all the articles of Lenovo laptops appear in the best quality and feature, and usually, you do not need to contact any customer care.

Final words

That is all about the best laptop for SEO. We tried to cover all the features and specifications that must be in the best laptop for affiliate marketing. Let us sum up once again, before selecting a laptop for SEO purpose, must notice its processor, operating system, display with screen resolution, storage, and RAM to avoid problems in the working duration.

We hope you have got all the answers to your queries by reading this article, and surely you will pick the best laptop for SEO for yourself.  So do not waste another second and go for your laptop to work more energetically. After reading the article, If you still have any confusion, make it clear by asking questions in the comment section.

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