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Looking for the best laptop for hackers? We’ve got you covered.

Hacking is the process of unauthorized access to a computer system or any application. Hacking could be ethical. Ethical hacking is intentional authorized access to intrude into a system also known as penetration testing for detecting the vulnerabilities, malicious hacker threats and then fix them by improving the security commands of their systems.

Hacking is not easy at all, you need to face a lot of challenges, and finding a compatible laptop that should be powerful enough to cop up with your hacking activities is mandatory.

For IT professionals or security administrators, it is very critical to keep the company’s sensitive data secure from intruders. So they don’t have enough spare time to invest in surfing or exploring for finding out the desirable laptop for hacking purpose

There are specific heavy software tools and crack hashes mainly used for the purpose of hacking or IT security testing that require a laptop with powerful hardware to run flawlessly.

The Basic Requirements

Good battery life, reasonable storage, integrated GPU, and powerful processors are significant features while considering a laptop.

In this article, we’ve listed the six best laptops for hackers with their specifications in detail

New Apple MacBook Pro (premium option for hackers)

New Apple MacBook Pro

The new Apple MacBook Pro is the premium option for apple lover hackers to run their tasks with mac OS. With the powerful processor and strong storage, you will be able to do your coding efficiently and enjoy the retina display without straining your eyes. Let’s discuss its specifications in detail.

New Apple MacBookSpecification
Processor i9processor
Storage 8TB
Operation SystemWindows 10
Battery life 11 hours


The huge16-inch retina display having 500 nits of brightness with a true tone technology is the perfect match with its premium price.P3 wide color gamut and UHD graphics 630 gives an ultimate lively experience and precise coloration while crunching alphabets or watching videos.


The overall design is sturdy and stylish with an aluminum body. Thicker bezels around the edges make the entire look of the laptop sturdy and different than previous models. The keyboard includes a scissor mechanism and magic feature for more comfortable and silent typing. A touch id and a force touch trackpad allow quick secure log-ins are ideal for hackers to do their work efficiently.


This laptop has been powered with the latest i9processor, 8 cores, with a turbo boost up frequency up to 4.8GHz.With this powerful processor, hackers will be able to run their penetration tasks super-fast without any technical fault.


Graphics are exceptional in this device because of UHD graphics 630 and high width memory of 8GB. With an optional Radeon pro 3600M, you can make your device graphics more alive


In the case of storage, we have 16GB RAM and an SSD capacity of 8TB which is more than enough for a hacker to run heavy software or to save extra important files instantly. You can update your memory storage up to 64GB just by spending extra money.

Battery life

This laptop has been designed with the longest battery life ever in apple’s history. Battery timing up to 11 hours in a single charge is exceptional to lessen up your workloads as well as browsing videos.

Operating system

Like other Apple devices, this device has mac OS which is an aggressive competitor to windows 10 and new updated safari features in mac OS made it more user-friendly .so you can browse and download hacking software apps instantly.

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  • Magic keyboard with scissor mechanism instead of traditional mechanism
  • Strong battery life
  • Strong sturdy design
  • Latest processor with excessive storage
  • Brightness up to 500nits
  • Expensive
  • Classic premium retina display with exceptional battery life is convincing enough to pay extra for this worthy device.

 HP Pavilion 15 (runner up)

HP Pavilion 15

HP laptops are known for their high-end performance with a blend of elegant looks and perfect configurations. HP Pavilion is considered an ideal laptop for hackers and IT professionals. Let’s get started with details:

HP Pavilion 15Specification
Processor i7 processor with the 10 generation
Storage 512 SSD
Operation SystemWindows 10
Battery life 10 hours


This laptop has the latest high definition display with a screen size of 15.6 inches and a resolution power of 1920 by 1080. The wide IPS panel with a touchscreen will not strain the eyes of hackers or IT professionals while doing their work.


This laptop has a thin and light design with a backlit keyboard with soft keys so you can do typing with ease and due to its lightweight, you can take it anywhere you want. The device has an aluminum chassis with thin bezels and a widescreen so the whole design is generally great.


Hp pavilion 15 has been powered with the latest Intel Core i7 processor with the 10 generations, quad-core with a frequency up to 4.6 GHz. As hacking activities require a powerful processor so with this processor hackers can do their work smoothly.


This notebook has a solid-state drive capacity of 512GB and a RAM of up to 12 GB which works efficiently for facing challenges and threats regarding the intrusion of data, Hackers can save their heavy files using this storage.

Connectivity options:

Keep connected with its several connectivity options, we have ONE usb3. 1 type-C gen and two USB 3.1 type C gen 1 and 1 HDMI and an SD media card reader in this laptop.

Operating system:

This laptop has a windows 10 64-bits built-in operating system which has easy to use interface and as a hacker, you can do multitasking instantly without any lag and easily able to run dual ora such as windows and Linux.

 Battery time:

The battery life of up to 10 hours in a single charge is ideal for IT professionals to run hacking activities.

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  • Lightweight yet portable for hackers
  • Full HD display with touchscreen
  • Expansive battery life
  • Keyboard along with numeric pad
  • Able to run a dual operating system
  • Frequent crashes

 At a reasonable price, HP pavilion 15 is offering good battery life, enough connectivity options, and a stylish design. Frequent crashes can be minimized by spending extra money on storage.

Dell laptop-with extensive storage  

Dell laptop

Dell laptopSpecification
Processor Core i7
Panel IPS
Battery life Up to 7 hours

Dell is among one of the three well-known laptops and computer-making companies that provide the best laptops for every field. This laptop is basically known for its gaming feature but obviously, we will consider this laptop in our list because hacking activities and graphic modeling software require almost the same specifications. Let’s get into details:


The laptop having a perfect 15.6-inch screen display with a full high definition LED-backlit IPS panel and the anti-glare feature is perfect for hackers with a heavy workload.  It has the resolution power of 1920 by 1080 and there is an NVIDIA GeForce MX230 graphics card for high-quality graphics and a more lively experience


Equipped with an efficient intel core i7 processor, quad-core having 8M  cache, and turbo boost technology to boost up your activities and performance to the next level.


One of the slimmest designs in the dell series having the lightest weight makes it highly portable for hackers. They can take it easy on meetings, in-office, or anywhere. Thick bezels are present around the chassis and having a webcam on the upper bezel.


With a storage capacity of 256 SSD and 1 TB HDD and 16 GB, RAM is incredibly enough for high-end performance, and make sure to store excessive heavy files

Battery life:

Battery life up to 7 hours is reasonable for carrying out work-related activities but while gaming a game or running heavy software battery life may vary.

Operating system:

This laptop has an operating system windows 10 home with which you can easily run multiple apps without having any problem.

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  • Excessive storage capacity and additional HDD is available
  • Sleek design among the dell laptops
  • Latest powerful processor
  • Appealing and impressive look
  • Versatile operating system
  • Within this price range, battery life is short

Due to its ultra-premium gaming specifications, you can play heavy games as well as do your hacking work. Battery timing doesn’t make a big difference if you are not traveling.

Acer Nitro i5-with powerful processor

Acer Nitro i5

Another best laptop for hacking, the Acer Nitro 5 is packed up with some beautiful features that are really hard to find these days. It is the most powerful machine in terms of performance and built. So let’s explore its features:

Acer Nitro i5Specification
Processor Intel Core i5 9300H
Storage 256GB
Operation SystemWindows 10
Battery life 5 hours


This is truly a beast machine that is equipped with the latest 9th generation processor that itself is the strongest point of this best laptop for a hacker.


Along with a powerful processor, Acer Nitro 5 is further equipped with the powerful 1650GTX dedicated GPU that makes a huge difference in the computer’s overall performance and power respectively. This speed and performance are extremely useful in cracking passwords in WPA2/PSA encryption.


With the ultra-high graphics card, you get almost double the amount of “CUDA Cores” that helps in reducing the time limit to crack the password needed for hacking.


As mentioned earlier, the RAM should be as high as possible for better performance and flawless hacking but 8GB RAM is sufficient to carry out the operation as the device is backed up with a powerful graphics card already.


Hackers have less to do with storage. So in Acer Nitro 5, the storage is kept low to decrease the price. The 256GB of storage can be extended as per user requirement.


The display of Acer Nitro 5 is ultra-sharp along with a 15″ Full HD Widescreen IPS LED-backlit display. With this high-resolution display, the work becomes easy and overall performance is increased.


If you want all features in a single device then it becomes almost impossible. The beast machine offers a medium-range battery timing as other specs are extremely high although, 5 hours of battery timing is sufficient to carry out any operation.

Other Features:

Acer Nitro 5 is equipped with Backlit keyboard | Acer Cool Boost technology with twin fans and dual exhaust ports that helps the user to keep the machine running for hours without heating issue and extra comfort for the hacker or the simple user to utilize more slots effectively.

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  • Powerful GPU
  • Great performance
  • Cool other features
  • Great Display
  • Latest Processor
  • Short Battery Timing

Acer aspire 5 slim laptops (cheap alternative)

Acer aspire 5

Certainly, Acer aspires 5 is one of the best laptops with high-end specifications within a reasonable budget. As a hacker, if you don’t want to splurge your money into a working gadget then this laptop is a good option for you. Because it has all those necessary specifications required to run heavy software tools for hacking. Let’s discuss its details.

Acer aspire 5Specification
Processor 8TH generation i5 processor
Storage 256 SSD
Operation SystemWindows 10
Battery life 10 hours


The display screen of this gadget is 15.6 wide coverage with a full high definition LED-backlit IPS panel and a resolution of 1920 by 1080 is quite enough for hackers to watch HD Videos for entertaining themselves and to do multi-tasking at a huge level


The entire design of this device is created sleek and smart with an aluminum body. The lower bezel has an Acer logo and the keyboard consists of spacious and soft keys that help in easy typing and a hinge of the laptop moves at a certain degree, not a complete 360 degree.


The powerful 8TH generation i5 processor is compatible enough to run hacking software without any error. With its speedy processor, you can operate your heavy tools and applications efficiently.


With 8 GB RAM and 256 GB, solid-state drive hackers will easily do multi-tasking along with storing heavy files. The purpose of the storage is to keep your important data safe and 256 GB of Storage is quite reasonable for keeping hacking related files secure.

Connectivity options:

Acer aspires 5 consists of a USB C, one USB 3.0, Two USB 2.0 ports. Ethernet and SD memory card readers are also available in this gadget.

Battery life:

This laptop is designed to give battery straining life up to 9 hours which is acceptable within this price range. And to run heavy hacking tools battery life of 9 hours is good

Operating system:

Hackers usually need a device that should be capable to run the dual operating system. Acer Aspire 5 is capable of operating a dual operating system. Generally, windows 10 64 bits is its OS. So you can do multi-tasking using this OS without any lagging.

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  • Good connectivity options
  • High portability
  • Best for hackers within a reasonable price
  • Able to run a dual operating system
  • Widescreen with IPS panel
  • No backlit keyboard

Worth buying:

Acer Aspire 5 is best within this price featuring the latest processor and enough storage while having no backlit should is not a big issue to leave this device.

Microsoft surface book 3-with wide display

Microsoft surface book 3

Indeed this is a super high-end device for hacking purposes. No doubt, Microsoft has been producing some great machines over the past many years and maintained its excellence, performance, and usability by offering some great machines to its users. This model is as well included as the best laptop for hacking.

Microsoft surface bookSpecification
Processor Intel Core i7 10th generation
Storage 512 SSD
Operation SystemWindows 10
Battery life 11.5 hours


If you look towards Microsoft Surface Book 3’s flexibility then you can use it as a tablet, laptop, and book. So, 3 different modes help in hacking by touching, carrying, and simply, by using it as the standard laptop for hacking purposes. It is a great choice by the hackers to go with this machine.


The design of Microsoft Surface Book 3 is very eye-catching with a 3.2k IPS display and it can easily compete with the 4k displays.


Moving on towards the processor, Microsoft Surface Book 3 has five varieties, including the price difference and the specs. But the priciest model has 15 inches screen size along with Intel Core i7 10th generation processor.


As we talked about the recommendations in the buyer guide at the last of the article that how the mouse is essential for ethical hacking. Similarly, the stylus here helps you when you don’t have a mouse around. The Surface Pen with low latency, accuracy, tilt, and pressure sensing, is ideal for business purposes as well. With an adaptive dial, it becomes a lot easier to move around the screen and scroll through it.

Graphics Card

In the list of our best laptops for hacking, Microsoft Surface Book 3 may not perform that well as other mentioned devices but due to powerful Nvidia GTX 1060, the Microsoft Surface Book 3 becomes absolutely the best hacking laptop that has ultra-high power and performance which is required for ethical hacking.


The Microsoft Surface Book 3 comes with the same excellent color profile as they have almost in every device – advanced profile with standard RGB – making its colors a little bit more vivid.

Battery Life

Furthermore, the best thing about this best hacking laptop is that when you require to do hacking then your program should not be interrupted during the operation and for this purpose, Microsoft Surface Book 3 has provided a longer battery life of almost 11.5 hours. So it offers charge-once and work-more mechanism. Other than this, the display of Microsoft Surface Book 3 can be de-attached and can be used as a tablet to make the operation furthermore easy.

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  • Incredible long battery life
  • Great cooling
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful Graphics Card
  • Great Performance
  • Free Pen Tool
  • Expensive

Lenovo Idea Pad-with vast RAM

Lenovo Idea Pad

Lenovo’s idea pad comes with all the features that must be in the laptop for hacking. It is not wrong to say that Lenovo is another good addition in the lines of the brand that reliable for designing the best laptops.

Lenovo Idea PadSpecification
ProcessorAMD Dual core
Graphic coprocessor AMD Radeon
Storage 64 GB
Maximum screen resolution 1366 x 768 pixels
Screen size 14 inches
Number of port for USB 3.01


As this laptop is specifically designed as the best laptop for hacking, so comes with an AMD Dual-core processor with a memory speed of 2.4 GHz. Ultimately allow less lag while doing work for many hours continuously.

As hacking required working on the many complex and heavy software, so to fulfill this desire Lenovo laptop is designed with a powerful processor.  That can easily perform various tasks in a single without or minimum lag.


To run the complex software smoothly mentioned laptop equipped the RAM of 4 GB is enough to keep run software with less lag. Additionally, with the help of this RAM, you do not see any lag while switching among different tabs and apps.


As far as the storage is concerned, there is enough space in the laptop to keep many apps and software without showing notification of storage full. Furthermore to keep your personal data you can use Google drive storage.

Graphic coprocessor

For clear visualization and best graphics, an AMD Radeon coprocessor is used in the laptop. Due to this reason, the laptop provides good brightness with bright and vivid colors. Ultimately you will not get bored while doing work on it.

Operating system

To keep you updated with the latest world of technology window 10 is used as an operating system in the laptop. Resultantly, you can easily download and get in touch with various latest apps and software without any trouble.

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  • Comes with a powerful processor.
  • AMD Radeon used as a graphic coprocessor
  • Extensive storage
  • Wider display with the perfect combination of screen resolution.
  • RAM size is average

  • The RAM in the laptop can allow you to keep 2 to 3 complex software with a few important applications.  

Buyer Guide

I’ll prefer to get a laptop that can access the Internet and show visual, means graphics easily.

Of course! The keyboard and mouse are an essential part of it.

All the details regarding the best laptops for hackers have been given at the start but for now, I’ll provide you the details regarding things that should be kept in mind before going to purchase the best hacking laptops for legal hacking purposes.

  1. Execute virtual machines (some of the time, even top machines can cut onto this function.)
  2. Can access all IDE’s or the programming environments as well as most of the languages. This can simply mean skipping 200$ laptops & Chromebooks for hacking.
  3. Deep and heavy data extracting or crunching to crack the passwords. This can be executed with any laptop, however; ideal hacking laptops with faster CPU & powerful GPU’s will be better for such a purpose.

Other things that should be considered are as follows:


For hacking and virtual penetration testing lab with running minimum 4-5VMs, 16-32GB RAM hacking laptops are the best. But if you can’t afford this then you should look for at least 8GB RAM to run Kali and other related programs.


Similarly, if you want to execute multiple VMs, the latest generation with a 4-6 multicore processor and faster clock speed is ideal such as i7-7000HQ/i7-9750HAMD Ryzen 3550H/AMD Ryzen 9 4800HS.


To make the cracking of the complex and the strong passwords you need to get the most recent GPU no matter what company it is; like NVIDIA or AMD but it should be heavy to carry out the complex tasks without causing issues.

Network Adapter:

A good WiFi card along with AC wireless protocols is required which is important for getting into WEP secured networks. However, any protocol is fine but the AC has been around for some longer times which is why it helps a lot more than other sets of protocols.

Mouse (Optional):

Why we are saying mouse? Well, during hacking you find any bugs, and to counter them effectively, you need to move quickly, which is why a mouse is recommended as moving with a touchpad becomes harder.

Storage (Optional):

Minimum storage of 500GB? It doesn’t matter. Hackers don’t require too much space. Most of their work is carried on a cloud network unless you are hacking too heavy games or programs that can put you into jail as well. Having more SSD can help you run your VMs smoother.


For very specialized skills, you end up requiring special and heavy-duty machines that can perform that task. Similar is the case with hacking. If you need to carry out ethical hacking then, you really need good laptops for hacking. So in this list, we have provided some of the best laptops for hacking that will best suit your needs and execute your hacking tasks. Still, don’t get into hacking until you have good knowledge of this specific field as it can lead you towards jail as well and you can get caught with some serious allegations. So these were the best hacking laptops. If you have any query you can leave them in the comment section.

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