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Blogging is a newly emerging field that will surely become a trend in the upcoming era. It is expected that belonging will become key to run a market whether it is online or local. And bloggers are nothing without the best laptop for blogging.

 A blogger is a person who spends his/her hours creating the best content. And if he/she does not edit and present its content well it will become messy and useless. Because no one wants to read and watch it. So the blogger needs the best computers for blogging to enhance the content which he/she creates after spending hours.

There is the question that comes to every person’s mind that ‘why should not use a desktop for blogging purposes?” So after proofreading of this article, you will surely know why laptops are best for blogging. Blogging is the field where you express yourself, your thinking, and your view openly. Sometimes you need to record or create content inside houses and sometimes for creating an excellent blog you have to go outside, observe and write. Ultimately desktop does not allow you to keep it with you outside the house and the meanwhile best laptop for vlogging is made to cover this deficiency of a desktop.

Here we did our optimum effort and spent many hours creating the list of best computers for bloggers so that you can easily pick a laptop for you.

Huawei MateBook-with fingerprint feature

Huawei MateBook-with fingerprint feature

Huawei is a brand that works to give the best product to its customer. In the case of this laptop for youtube editing, is equipped with decent features to help you out during video editing and many more.

Huawei MateBookSpecification
Maximum resolution 2160*1440 pixels
Operating systemWindow 10
Storage 512 GB
Processor Intel
Graphic coprocessor Intel HD graphics 620
Display 13 inches

This laptop is updated with the latest window 10 operating system. This operating system is equipped with built-in virus protection. Additionally, this built-in virus protection keeps your data safe concerning malware viruses. Operating system


Its design is very decent and sleek. It is very thin in design. Its thickness is only 12.5mm and very light weighted which made it more handy and convenient to carry. It weighs 2.31 pounds.


For efficient results, this laptop is updated with a genuine 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor. Its processor allows fast processing with fewer mistakes. Moreover, this laptop shows less lag.


Its display has the latest technology of 2K with a resolution of 2160*1440. Furthermore, its display is equipped with corning gorilla glass additionally it provides narrow Bezels of 4.4mm.


The sound level of this laptop is enough to echo a small place like a room or a hall. Its speakers have Dolby Atmos Sound System which gives clear sound with fine pitch and base.

Fingerprint sensor

This laptop has an excellent fingerprint sensor which performs multi tasks such as it can be used as the power button, used to unlock the laptop, detect authentication and using this sensor you can have access to laptop desktop easily. It works with a very gentle touch.


For your convenience, it is updated with both USB A and C ports. Additionally, it has a port for HDMI and VGA. This laptop has 2 ports of USB C.

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  • Portable
  • The best fingerprint sensor that detects very gentle touch
  • Enough sound volume
  • Lightweight
  • Decent design
  • Powerful processor
  • Mediocre keypad

The person who wants a laptop to edit its video and picture does not have more typing work so it is fine to buy it.

This gadget is unique due to its Dolby Atmos sound system

ASUS VivoBook Pro- efficient Intel core processor

ASUS VivoBook Pro- efficient Intel core processor

Perfect laptops for youtube editing with fine 4K display and HD graphics. It can easily run several laptops at the same time.

Display15.6 inches
Resolution3840*2160 pixels
Storage256 GB
ProcessorIntel Core
Port for USB 2.0 2
Port for USB 3.0 2
Memory speed 3.8 GHz
Operating system Window 10 S


For storing and accommodating important files and content you want to store this laptop has vast storage. It has storage to keep your content of more than 1 to 2 years easily. It has a storage of 256 GB. Moreover, it has a RAM of 4GB so that your computer works best with a memory speed of 3.8 GHz.

Corel paint

It is seen that in the blogging field many bloggers add self-made photos in their posts. For covering this aspect this laptop has Corel Essential 6 for drawing coloring and to paint what you have in your mind with the help of photos editor tools and natural media brushes.


This laptop offers a wide display of 15.6 inches. Moreover, for wider display, it offers the 4K technology with the maximum resolution of 3840*2160. For enhancing its quality it has a touch panel that works smoothly.


As this laptop has vast storage and RAM so to cooperate with such huge RAM and storage this laptop has an excellent processor of 7th generation Intel Core i7. This processor is responsible for giving fine results and it can run many tabs without lagging.

Cooling system

This laptop can run very heavy software and is able to perform multi-tasks at the same time. So it is obvious this gadget gets heat up. But for covering this situation this productive laptop has a cooling system that has dual-fan which maintains its temperature in a few seconds.

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  • Extensive storage of 256
  • Dual fan for cooling
  • 4k technology
  • Wider display of 15.6 inches
  • It has a special Corel paint system
  • Snappier memory size
  • It is a bit heavy

It is not so heavy that its handling becomes a problem. Its weight is 5 pound which can easily be carried

Its wide display of 15.6 with 4K features makes it unique from other gadgets. It is perfect for bloggers as well as for anyone who is fond of movies.

ASUS TUF- with soft and ergonomic keypad

ASUS TUF- with soft and ergonomic keypad

It is the best computer for blogging with a very fine and soft keypad. It has the ability to type with a very gentle touch. And allow your hand to remind itself of its natural position so your hand does not get tired.

Display15.6 inches
Maximum screen resolution1920*1080 pixel
WirelessBluetooth, 802.11
Operating systemWindow 10 S
Ports of USB 2.01
Port for USB 3.0 2
Storage512 GB


For maintaining its processing in fine speed this laptop is updated with the latest and Quad-core AMD Ryzen 7 3750H processor. As this laptop can also be best for games and gaming and computer games require a speedy processor that is why it is made according to it.


While editing videos or for watching your best vlog you need a widescreen for clear vision. As this laptop is for blogging that is why it has a wider screen of 15.6 inches. Additionally, it has FHD technology with 1920*1080 resolution.


It is the laptop made to fulfill the needs of blogging. And on a very serious note blogging is not easy. You need to install very heavy software for editing videos and posts you create. And software accumulates more space. But it is for this device to keep much software due to its 512 GB of storage. And for faster performance without error, it has RAM of 8 GB.


The unique feature of this laptop is its backlit keyboard which makes typing easy for you. By using its keypad you can easily type for more than 5 hours without getting tired due to its palm resting area. Moreover, this keyboard keeps your hand in its natural position.


For coping with connectivity errors this gadget has fine Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that gives a strong connection. Its Bluetooth has the ability to detect other devices and pair with it in a few seconds moreover it has Wi-Fi of 802.11 AC gigabit wave.

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  • Fine connectivity
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Extensive storage
  • Wide display with FHD technology
  • Have many ports
  • Sometimes system show lag

But this lag does not occur mostly.

A backlit keypad that can type more than 20 million words in a single system makes it different.

HP Pavilion X360-with perfect touchscreen

HP Pavilion X360-with perfect touchscreen

This is the best laptop for vlogging that has a flawless touch with an HD display. Moreover, it has the best operating system that helps to run the latest apps on it.

HP Pavilion X360Specification
Display11.6 inches
Screen resolution1366*768
Memory speed2.7 GHz
Storage128 GB
Operating systemWindow 10 S
Processor number4
Memory typeDDR4 SDRAM


The laptop that is designed especially for the bloggers must have an HD screen so that the person who is doing it can see its videos and contact in HD form and if its content has any deficiency so he/she gets over it. Keeping this point in mind this laptop is updated with a backlight display. And it is 11.6 inches wide with a touchscreen.


For recording videos, capturing pictures, and making video calls this laptop is equipped with an HD webcam. It gives excellent results in more light. Moreover, it can record videos for your vlog as well when you want.


Due to its 4 GB RAM, it can process multiple tabs and software at a time. Moreover, it has speedy performance and it can start and shut down in a couple of seconds. For storing data like your videos, photos, docs, vlogs video it has extensive storage of 128 GB.


This laptop is updated with the latest and steady Intel Pentium N5000 that will keep you updated by processing all the latest apps on it. Furthermore, it has UHD graphics 605 On-processor. This graphic processor gives HD graphics with fine quality of videos and pictures.

Operating system

To keep your data safe HD Pavilion is designed with a new window operating in S mode. It keeps your data safe and additionally allows you to run every latest app to keep you updated and it will install heavy software in very little time.


The innovative feature of this laptop is its speedy Wi-Fi that can easily connect with any network conveniently even when the signals are low. Moreover, it gives fast downloading

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  • HD webcam with a fine result.
  • Perfect Touch screen
  • Fast connectivity of Wi-Fi.
  • HD display with anti-gale technology
  • Window 10 in S mode
  • It has 4 processor of excellent quality
  • Does not heat up
  • Very hand design and light in weight
  • Some apps are not supported in this gadget

Apps that do not support mostly are those that are not verified or may harm your device. So this con is not as important as its pros.

HP Stream-with dual-core processor

HP Stream-with dual-core processor

It is no doubt the best computer for blogging due to its faster browsing and cooperative processor. Moreover, it is very light in weight with an elegant design.

HP Stream dual-core processorSpecification
Screen size14 inches
Resolution1366*768 pixels
Memory speed2400 MHz
Storage32 GB
Battery timing14 hours
Ports for USB 2.01
Ports for USB 3.02


This laptop can be used in multiple ways. It can prove as the best laptop for the person who is doing belonging and for the students as well. A businessman can also use it for its work due to its 14 inches display with micro-edge technology that gives a maximum resolution of 1366*768 pixels.


Like expensive laptops, this laptop offers a productive processor in a very affordable range. It is designed with Intel Celeron N4000 processors. This processor gives a base frequency of 1.1.GHz. which give the output effectively


For transferring and receiving data more conveniently there are many ports on this laptop. It has a port for USB, HDMI, jack for headphones/mic, charging jack. It has 2 ports for USB 3.0 and 1 port for USB 2.0.


Like every other best feature this laptop has the best keyboard as well. This keyboard is very connective and efficient. It detects very mild touch. It gives you an area for palm rest ultimately allows easy typing.


It has enough storage that can be enough for storing more than 1 year of data that contains pictures, videos, and even documents. It has a vast storage of 32 GB which is more than enough for a single person’s data. For fine and maintained processing it has a RAM of 4 GB.

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  • Micro edge display with HD graphics
  • A full-size keypad that allows convenient typing
  • The webcam that gives HD result
  • Have ports for both USB 2.0 and 3.0
  • Latest Intel Celeron N4000 processor
  • Long-lasting battery life

  • Average storage

Its storage is not as much less that it becomes a problem to store data. Moreover, you can also utilize drive storage if you want more,

Its battery life is its uniqueness. Because it is hard that laptops have a battery life of more than 12 hours.

The benefit of getting above mentioned laptops

There are millions of laptops available in this world so why people prefer these laptops to start or continue their blogging? It is an obvious question that should come into every sensible person’s mind. So let me give an answer to this question first. Each of the above mention gadgets has an average display that is enough for blogging and vlogging. Moreover, the display mostly had an HD display. Some of the above gadgets have micro-edge technology as well.

Furthermore, the battery timing of the above gadgets is good. It can easily run software and tabs for consecutive 7-8 hours on average. And this battery timing is enough to create, edit, watch or upload blogs. Even in this battery timing you can also enjoy many movies and play on it.

The most important thing you get after picking these laptops is their fine laptops. These keyboards are very comfy and effective so that it will help you to type without getting tired.

Crucial things about these gadgets are their wonderful processors that are super effective that they can process many software and tabs at once without lagging systems. Most of these gadgets have Intel processors that are reliable

In concern to the operating system, these best computers for bloggers have brand new window 10 operating systems in S mode. Beneficially you will get access to all the latest software and editing apps so that you can make your blog post or video perfect.

Some other features like Ports for USB 2.0 and 3.0 are also included, maximum resolution with HD graphics and extensive RAM are the plus points of these gadgets.

Things need to be noticed while buying a laptop

The most important thing after getting into the field of blogging is to choose the perfect laptop for the best work. And picking a perfect laptop over millions of laptops is not an easy deal. Someone even knew everything about laptops and got confused to see a huge collection of laptops that are best. So in this article, I tried my best to review the top best laptops for you.

Blogging is not an easy task, bloggers have to face many critical phases to create the best content. Common problems of bloggers are plagiarism, low-quality content, recording problems, sometimes the person gets bored due to a dull screen, no enough traffic and the main disappointment is less feedback. All these problems get solved ultimately by picking the best laptop for them. Because when a blogger gets the best gadget he/she can do his best to cope with all these issues.

For your ease and to guide you for the best laptop we mentioned some important features that should be in the best laptop for blogging.

Operating system

For blogging, you need every new app that comes in the market for creating interesting and latest blogs. And many laptops that have old operating systems do not give you access to the latest apps and this laptop is useless for a blogger. So the very first thing you should notice in a laptop is its operating system.

The laptop that you are choosing must have the latest operating system so that you can easily get access to the latest app. There are many operating systems in the world nowadays and these are Chrome OS, Mac, MS window, and many others that are also introduced to the market. But the best operating system for a laptop is the MS window operating system. So for blogging your laptop has window 10 in S mode so that editing and creating becomes convenient for you.


If someone has a laptop and its processing is slow will become the reason to lose interest in work. And unfortunately, if a person in the field of blogging that requires a lot of hours of consecutive working has a laptop with a slow processor will be the reason behind its slow working speed and bad content. It is obvious such a person loses interest when its files take 1 to 2 minutes to open.

So the best laptop for vlogging must have a fast processor. With the development of technology, many latest processors are coming on the market, and sometimes they are useless. Processors like Intel Core, AMD Ryzen are considered to be reliable processors. Because these processors can run heavy software and browsing work at a single time. It surprisingly will not show any lag. So make sure your laptop has the Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processor so that you can work with full interest.


Most bloggers have browsing tasks and work in Microsoft office so he needs a quick switch to other tabs and apps as well. Switching between the different tabs is the function of the RAM. if a laptop has less RAM compatible with its working so ultimately the system shows lag.

Lag during work is no less than a barrier that ultimately becomes the reason to lose interest in work. As for the blogger, consistency in work is the key to success. So before picking a laptop must select a laptop with a minimum RAM of 8GB so that you switch to different apps quickly without any pause. Many laptops have a RAM of 4GB also and to be very honest it is useless for a blogger or a professional person.


Blogging is impossible without typing. And for convenience in typing, you need a comfy keypad. Moreover, the size of keys, size of the overall keyboard should be average, no bigger and nor very small. Additionally, the keyboard must have soft and productive keys. So that it can detect your very gentle touch.

If you’re a blog writer then you must select a laptop with a full-size keyboard and palm rest as well. So that your hand gets more space to type without getting tired and working for many hours consecutively. So the laptop for youtube editing should have an ergonomic keyboard.


The display is another crucial feature that a laptop must contain if it uses for blogging. For verifying that your content whether it is a video or anything you just need a wider screen with an HD display.

Moreover, a maximum resolution should be 1080.

Some people think that a wider display means the best quality of the display. But let me clear this misconception also. Suppose the laptop with a display of 15 inches and another laptop has a display of 12 inches and both of these devices have the same resolution so the laptop with a screen of 12 inches shows the excellent result with this RAM as compared to the laptop with 15 inches.

So always notice the display and resolution ratio before purchasing any laptop.


In light of the mentioned discussion, the main point you get is to invest for the best. Moreover, always try to pick a device that has all the features compatible with your work.

In my choice, HP Stream-with dual-core processor is the best laptop for blogging due to its unique characteristics it fulfills the criteria of the best laptop that is perfect for all bloggers. It has a wide display, HD graphics, extensive storage, with the best keyboard and all these in a very affordable range.

Do not waste your precious time thinking, go, and pick a laptop from the above-mentioned list without any regret. May you get the best device that will help to keep you interested in your work.

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