Best Budget am3+ Motherboard

Top 4 Best Budget am3+ Motherboard – Reviewed In 2023

If you want to keep your computer or desktop pc functional and upgraded, buying the Best Budget am3+ Motherboard will be a great choice.

A motherboard is the backbone of a computer that connects all computer parts, including hard drives, optical drives, video cards, CPU, memory, and much more, directly or via cables. Nowadays, various types of Motherboards are available in the market. However, some are much costly that you will not be willing to pay for them. Besides this, few brands offer quality motherboards.

AMD is a great name that manufactures AM3+ Socket that also considered one of the best CPUs in the gaming community. We have reviewed the top 4 latest am3+ motherboards. These are well known due to high quality, affordable prices but more minor issues.

So without further delay, let’s have a look.

Gigabyte B450M DS3H Motherboard

GIGABYTE AMD AM3+ is suitable for users who are looking for a compact motherboard for AM3+ processors. Well, no doubt that this is the perfect choice for you. Despite its small size, it has many valuable functions that Let your gaming experience become a charming activity.

Gigabyte’s quality

The motherboard perfectly matches the computing power of the latest AMD Ryzen 2000 series processors, with more functions and more control. As a result, this best budget motherboard improves the overall user experience.


This RGB am3+ motherboard Stay is connected With 6 USB 3.1 and 8 USB 2.0 ports; then, you don’t need to communicate due to the smaller form factor. Also, since there are many internal ports and connections on the back, there are many options for your installation.

Micro-ATX form factor

The micro ATX (9.6″ x 8.4″) form factor is a solid middle-ground for DIY PC construction. In addition, this compact form factor provides greater flexibility for your case.

RGB Fusion

RGB Fusion can customize your next PC the way you want by choosing the right color for the external RGB light strip. It has seven colors to choose from to make your system look unique!

Smart Fan 5

It ensures that your gaming PCs remain cool while maintaining good performance. In addition, intelligent Fan 5 allows users to change the fan header to view different temperature sensors at various locations on the motherboard.

Multiple Display Outputs

The resolution is 1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz, and the integrated HDMI interface supports 4096 x 2160 at 60 Hz. In addition, the protective glass gives users confidence in the service life of their system.

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  • Very Cheap Price
  • Great BIOS
  • Durable build
  • Useful Utilities
  • No RGB
  • Only two fan headers

ASUS Prime B450M-A motherboard 

It is a motherboard suitable for first-time builds. You can upgrade at any time because it is ready for the Ryzen 3000 series, and you can boost its components at any time. The unique features of Asus Prime B450M include a large number of connection options. For everyday use, you can update BIOS, 3000 MHz overclocking RAM, AMD AM3 slot.

Stability and reliability

The combination of functions ensures maximum stability and reliability for gamers. If your monitor does not support VGA, the DVI-D output is acceptable. There are 2 USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports on the back of the motherboard, with AMD AM3 sockets.

It is very suitable for AMD Ryzen processors 3rd, 2nd, 1st. The latest am3+ motherboard offers a Fast connection with 1GB LAN, HDMI 2.0b, DSub output, and DVIASUS.

Five times protection

It also has five times comprehensive protection. Such as LANGuard, DRAM overcurrent, overvoltage, SafeSlot core, and stainless steel I/O backup protection.

Much Easy To Use

When installing a compatible Ryzen 5000 series processor, please make sure you have the latest BIOS. You can visit the ASUS website, find your motherboard model name, click the support tab, select drivers and tools, and then select BIOS and firmware to get the latest BIOS.

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  • LED-illuminated design
  • D-sub 1GB LAN
  • 5X top-notch protection
  • DVI display outputs with HDMI 2.0b
  • Not for professional use

MSI Performance Gaming Motherboard

With Unlimited customization and exclusive gaming, features-MSI performance gaming motherboards provide the ultimate gaming experience. It is best for people want a motherboard to take their gaming experience at high level.

Best Color Scheme

Is the color the same?

It only takes 1 second to change the appearance of the system! Therefore, cooling down your PC is essential for reliable operation. You can use the MSI Mystic Light utility to customize and set your color scheme. Also, choose the available colors from the palette to match your system style.

Therefore, MSI ensures that there are enough fully controllable fan ports so that you can cool the system in your way.

Higher BIOS compatibility

CROSS GENE RYZEN SUPPOR TMAX motherboards have been updated to support multiple Ryzen processors, including Ryzen 3000 series processors. In addition, click BIOS 5 adopts humanized design and advanced system customization development, allowing you to get more experience.

Core Boost

Core Boost is the latest development of the MSI motherboard processor power supply. The optimized design of the reserved area for high-quality power components creates an efficient power system that accurately supplies power to the CPU.

Amplify your gaming with an audio boost

The dedicated Audio Boost sound card has an HD audio processor, a dedicated amplifier, and high-quality audio capacitors. In addition, it is physically isolated from the rest of the motherboard circuit to provide the purest audio signal for millimeter-level enemy detection.

PCI-E steel armor

The ARMOR, MSI PCI Express slot, is made of steel and is connected to the motherboard through additionally reinforced solder joints to support the weight of the heavy-duty graphics card. The compatibility of the reserved parts of the motherboard has been extensively tested in cooperation with significant memory manufacturers.

Memory performance

To take the best advantage in the game, Use many unique MSI GAMING tools to be innovative and beat your opponents in the game. Its Smart hardware and software tools allow you to stay one step ahead and improve your skills.

GIGABYTE GA-A320 Motherboard

The best motherboard with a low budget and the best performance for AM3+ socket processors is the popular GIGABYTE GA-A320 Motherboard, which, like other motherboards, was produced in mid-2013.

Great Design

It mainly supports the AMD AM3+ socket. Moreover, it can also support AM3 + FX sockets like all other AM3 + FX sockets (AMD AM3 Phenom II and AMD Athlon II models). The shape provided to you is what ATX expects. Two chipsets of the north and south bridge can be used here. On the North Bridge, you will see AMD 970, and on the South Bridge, you will see AMD SB950.

Audio Performance

Audio is also a practical aspect of this motherboard, and Gigabyte Provides you with a Real ACL887 audio chipset with 2/4 / 5.1 / 7 audio channels. In addition, the motherboard memory has a DDR4 DIMM slot and supports up to 32 GB of system memory.

Supports multiple CPUs

You can also see DDR3 2000 (OC) / 2000 MHz / 1866 MHz / 1333 MHz / 1066 MHz on the motherboard. With a LAN chipset, you will get a Realtek GbE LAN chip with a maximum LAN speed of 10 Mbit/s to 100 Mbit/s to 1000 Mbit/s. The motherboard also supports up to 32 GB of RAM. It supports multiple series of CPUs, including AM3+FX and Athlon II series.

Multiple Slots

The Gigabyte 1600 (GA 970A DS3P) motherboard is equipped with two PCI Express x16 slots and three PCI Express x1 slots. There are a total of 12 USB 2.0 / 1.1 ports on this motherboard. You can find six ports on the back and six ports via an internal USB connection on South Bridge. The GIGABYTE GA-A320 Motherboard has 4 USB 3.0 / 2.0 ports (2 ports on the back, one can be accessed through the internal USB port).

Memory Performance

Finally, the amount of memory on the motherboard is super. It can find 6 SATA 6Gb /s ports and can support up to 6 SATA 6Gb/s devices. This cheapest gaming motherboard can also support RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10, and JBOD. It is the best low-cost motherboard you can find for AMD AM3 + Sockets processors. In addition, it has an improved 4 + 1 power scheme to support 125 W processors powered by hybrid EFI technology and Gigabyte DualBIOS.

Noise shielding function

The motherboard also has a noise shielding function and supports high-quality capacitors. In addition, it comes with a built-in ATI Radeon HD 3000 graphics card. So, you don’t need to buy a graphic card separately. With multiple ports such as HDMI, Dsub, and DVI, it also supports multiple displays. Other features include 2 DIMMs, non-ECC dual-channel DDR3, and 4 USB 3.0 ports with speeds up to 5 Gbit/s.

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  • Works as expected
  • 6 SATA connectors
  • 2 PCI-E 2.0 Slots
  • Great onboard audio
  • One PCIe x 1 port

Buying Guide for Best budget am3+ motherboard

Have you ever wondered what is essential when creating a personalized PC? Well, this is a motherboard and a processor.


How to choose the best AM3+ motherboard?

If you have decided to use a processor, then suppose you choose the AM3+ processor; then, you deserve the best AM3+ motherboard. If you are in quest of an AM3+ processor, you can choose multiple options.

Now, after you decide on which processor to use, choose a motherboard that not only supports your CPU it can also handle peripheral and core components efficiently and perfectly. You should pay attention to the size, depending on how sleek it is for you. There are many things, but we will look at the following features:

  • CPU compatibility/chipset compatibility
  • Memory support
  • Budget
  • Performance
  • Required ports and additional functions

CPU / chipset compatibility

Chipset compatibility is a tedious process; so, before choosing a motherboard for an am3 CPU, please ensure it supports such chipsets: AMD 990X, AMD 980G, AMD 990FX, AMD 970 chipset. Besides this, the processor socket must be AM3+. If they are ok, you are lucky to have the best processor.

Does it support overclocking?

Next comes overclocking; it all depends on you. Most users don’t need it if they don’t want it. On Intel processors, use the Z390 and Z370 chipset with the processor’s letter “K” in the name.

On the other hand, this is much easier for AMD because maximum Ryzen chipsets have to overclock. For AM3+ processors, the best and latest overclocked motherboards having this type of task are Gigabyte B450M DS3H Motherboard.

Memory support

Many motherboards support up to 32GB of RAM. However, if you are a top-class gamer who wants to multitask, this may not be enough for you. Therefore, you should buy at least a 32 GB RAM motherboard. If you need more, choose a device that supports 64 GB of RAM. Not only capacity but also to check which RAM frequencies are supported. If you have already purchased RAM, is there a memory card on the motherboard?

Best budget am3+ motherboard

You can also buy motherboards for $80 to $300. But, of course, motherboards are different in every aspect, such as construction, aesthetics, usable ports, and built-in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi features.

Do you need more USB ports? Or need a highly designed motherboard?

Answering such questions causes prices to rise or fall. But, in most cases, the increase in costs is due to features, not because you only pay for these features, because if you want them in the future, there are solutions for many problems.


Are you looking for a small or a large motherboard? Well, it is your problem, and when you get the answer, you will know what to look for. It will assists you get the best one.


We will end our guide by collecting the above four options into the Best overall AM3 + motherboard is Gigabyte B450M DS3H Motherboard, so you don’t need to confuse and search again about the Best budget am3+ motherboard.

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