ASUS Laptop won’t Boot Past BIOS

Asus Laptop Won’t Boot Past Bios- How To Fix In 2023

Asus is a Taiwan-based company. It started a company that produced motherboards so, Asustek tends to create professional motherboards to this date. Asustek models are highly designed with a great performance rate.

With efficiency, there are always a few setbacks. In Asus’ case, today we will be covering the topic of an Asus laptop paused rebooting at the BIOS page. You can find the solutions to this problem, but first, let’s review how the pause is caused.

How to boot an ASUS laptop

One of the main reasons why your laptop isn’t booting correctly might be that you haven’t followed the procedure accurately. Hence, to give you more comprehensive solutions, let’s take a look at how to properly an ASUS, first.

  • Booting requires a disk or a DVD, so you would have to start by inserting a disk into your laptop’s CD Drive. In this case, you would need a USB Drive Reset disk.
  • After inserting the disk into the best laptop for dragon naturally speaking, make sure your laptop’s locked and begin the process of restarting it.
  • Once you have inserted the disk, a boot menu key will appear after pressing it the Boot menu will open in front of you.
  • After the menu appears before you, you would have to select the drive you want to boot from.
  • After selecting the USB drive, wait for the booting process to occur and complete.

Asus laptop won’t boot past bios error

The problem that you may overcome with booting an ASUS laptop would be its screen been stuck in the middle of the whole process. This is a major concern for most of the Asustek users out there.

For every problem, there’s a solution: we will go through the possible solutions for fixing an ASUS stuck screen.

Solutions for Asus laptop won’t boot past bios error

Here are a few solutions to address your issue of the stuck screen during the boot process or Asus laptop won’t boot past bios error.

Hardware issues 

If your laptop screen is stuck during the boot process, it could be that you have a damaged piece of hardware present in your laptop. Could be a broken or dislocated hard disk problem too. Be certain to check if the hardware essentials of your laptop are alright.

Software issues 

There are multiple software issues that can stop the booting process. To avoid that situation, you have to make necessary input and software amends before beginning the booting process on your laptop.

Restarting your laptop or removing external drives

If your screen is staying stuck during the boot process, try restarting your laptop or eliminating any external drives present in the laptop. External drives can resist the booting of a laptop.

Battery life

Battery life can also become an issue during the boot process of an ASUS laptop. Make sure you either have a charged battery before booting or you can leave your charger attached during the procedure for a better processing rate.

Changing the BIOS setting or start system repair

You can also change the BIOS settings by visiting the security option and disabling fast boot and secure boot from there and enabling CSM. You can also start up a system restore process which could result helpful.

Reinstalling windows software

The last option would be reinstalling the Windows OS. or you could always take your ASUS to the repair center.



To conclude, there are multiple ways to boot up your ASUS laptops and fix malfunctions at home.


Q#1: Which Fn is the boot menu key? 

Ans: The boot menu key on your laptop is F2.

Q#2: How to force start the ASUS? 

Ans: Press and hold the power key to force start the ASUS.

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