Why My Asus Laptop Keeps Crashing

Asus is a very reputable brand in terms of creating cheaper products with impressive performance. Asus vs hp laptops has a warranty of about 2 years. They are the least prone to malfunctioning. But, if you descend to cheaper products, you can see that the performance rate starts to become rather disappointing. Here we will discuss the popular complaint about the Asus laptop keeps crashing more with higher usage.

How to Fix Stop Asus laptop from crashing

There are a number of solutions for fixing your laptop by yourself. Just point out which of the following reasons is the one why your laptop keeps freezing. You can try these ways to keep your PC from crashing.

  • Stable electrical connection.
  • Apps to clean out viruses from browsers and other data.
  • Update your system.
  • Prevent from dropping your laptop.
  • Software failures can be prevented by stopping all applications from opening automatically at starting your device.
  • Get the hard drive changed.
  • Prevent drinking fluids near your laptop.
  • Get an exhaust fan board for your laptop to prevent overheating.

Why Asus laptop Keeps Crashing

Asus is a pretty reassuring brand, so its malfunction could be for a number of reasons which were visible to you but have gone unnoticed. Despite those reasons, we will also discuss software and hardware problems that can make your Asustek malfunction; freeze, or not work properly.


There are a lot of factors in our daily lives which can cause our laptops to malfunction. A lot of these factors are prominent in the environment and some are more likely to be neglected. The neglected ones are the more crucial ones though. You cannot possibly detect the fault by just looking at the laptop.

So, to ease your circumstance we have enlisted a number of factor- why and how they could’ve affected your laptop.


Laptops that are under constant use tend to overheat a lot. That is because when your laptop reaches its maximum battery limit, it needs a rest. This situation can also be very harmful to your eyesight. Though overheating can be caused by not having a proper material under the exhaust- laptops tend to overheat and crash when used on naked surfaces or blankets.


Laptops can easily crash when there are several electrical disturbances in the way of the power connection. Make sure the switch your laptop adaptor is connected to has safe electrical flow.


Dust particles can easily get into small ports and USB drives in your laptop, this can also cause the laptop to crash. Dust particles block the laptop system and stop its proper functioning.


While environmental factors play an eminent role, the problem can also arise from within the computer systems. Here are a few major problems that can cause your laptop to freeze.


Some ads and other malvertising factors contain viruses that hack and destroy your software. Not just that, many apps or apk you download o your PC can result as harmful for your laptop. Viruses cannot be located very easily but they can be cleaned out of the laptop or computer systems.

Viruses one of the major malfunctioning factors. They tend to stop or disable your PC systems completely.


If your laptop has suffered a fall, the hard drive is probably going to break. In most lucky cases the hard drive remains stable otherwise, it is dislocated/damaged. A damaged hard drive completely shuts down the system. But, lucky for you, the problem can be observed instantly as the PC shows the ‘dislocated/missing’ hard drive notification prominent on the screen.


Your Asus laptop keeps crashing maybe because of the lack of updates. Updating your PC also clears all malfunctioning properties so it’s highly recommended.


Asustek is a very reputable brand in terms of warranty so, it does not easily malfunction. Nevertheless, if it does, you are recommended to take it to a repair center or go through these guidelines for a better view.


Q#1: If I get my laptop reassembled does that make it start crashing? 

Ans: Yes, in a lot of cases, when you get your laptop repaired/reassembled, it tends to become more prone to crashing or freezing.

Q#2: Can fluids damage my laptop? 

Ans: Yes, fluids can damage your laptop to the extent of crashing and completely shutting down.

Q#3: How can I find out what keeps interfering with my laptop? 

Ans: To find or detect the problem in your software, you can download Malwarebytes.

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