AMD FX 8350 Motherboard

Top 5 AMD FX 8350 Motherboard – Reviews And Guide In 2023

While finding an AMD FX 8350 motherboard, the user requirements should be kept in mind, as it might be challenging to select the perfect one.

The FX 8350 chipset, if paired with the right gadgets, can provide an extraordinary gaming experience for 100+ fps gaming.

Motherboard, being the core component of the gaming setup, should be chosen wisely. Motherboards compatible with AMD FX 8350 include more budget-friendly options rather than extravagant ones. Decent overclocking and optimum RAM space are two key features to consider in motherboards that support AMD FX 8350.

To help the users choose the perfect motherboard, we have provided a list of motherboards below.

List of 5 best AMD FX 8350 Motherboards

Here is our list of the top 5 motherboards that have been picked after a lot of research in the backend:

1. ASUS M5A78L-M Plus

  • Compatible with Windows10 and Linux
  • 0 USB extension socket
  • Advanced BIOS
  • Supports AM3+ CPUs
  • DVI and HDMI outputs
  • No VRM heatsinks

If you are looking for a budget motherboard for AMD FX 8350, then this one is all you need. It is the best motherboard for 8350 users who are new to overclocking and wish to get maximum outcomes with minimum expenditure.

The ASUS M5A78L-M Plus protects against power surges with its anti-surge support. Hence, it is suitable for users having power surge problems.

The EMI protection present in this motherboard reduces radiation by 50%. In addition to this, the ASUS EPU system efficiently saves energy. , which ensures maximum memory performance.

This compact AMD FX 8350 motherboard supports 125-watt processors and 32Gb RAM. It contains the latest 3.0 USB socket for the swift transfer of data. Moreover, the user-friendly BIOS effectively supports overclocking. Conclusively, it is an entry-level motherboard with sufficient overclocking ability.

The BIOS supports overclocking for RAM and CPU, which makes it a good motherboard for FX 8350. However, it is also somewhat challenging for users because the BIOS is not UEFI-based. This motherboard lacks M.2 and SATA III sockets but, it still runs flawlessly with windows10 as well as with Linux support.

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2. MSI 760GMA-P34

  • Up to 1866 MHz memory speed
  • 0 USB ports
  • Realtek ALC887 7.1-Channel High Definition
  • Active Phase Switching
  • Overclocking is not user-friendly

The MSI 760GMA-P34 motherboard is highly suitable for the FX chipset. This product is a good choice for gamers who are planning to get into overclocking. It can overclock the RAM up to 1866 MHz. Being a fit FX for ATX micro chassis, it is compatible with Windows 10 and 8.1.

With AMD 760G north-bridge and SB710 south-bridge chipsets incorporated, this motherboard shows compatibility with Sempron, AMD FX, Phenom II, and Athlon II; processors.

It features 2 SATA III ports, 6 SATA II ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports on the back panel, and 2 USB 3.0 ports on the internal header. It also has DVI-D, VGA, LAN, 3.5mm audio, and 2 PS-2 sockets.

Additionally, it has a PCI express 2.0 standard PCIe x 16 slots, a legacy PCI slot, and one PCIe x 1 slot. The small size of this FX motherboard makes it one of the motherboards compatible with FX 8350.

But it is also one of its drawbacks as the small size does not leave space for expansion. Better adjustment of voltage occurs in this AMD FX 8350 motherboard due to the active phase switching feature.

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3. ASUS 970 Pro Gaming

  • Durable components
  • Q-LED for problem diagnosis
  • RGB LED Illumination
  • Supreme FX Audio Realtek ALC1150 codec
  • No Wifi

The ASUS 970 Pro gaming is the perfect motherboard for gamers on a budget as it offers all the advanced online games at 1080p resolution and 100+ fps. Coming towards aesthetics, the board does not fail to impress with its red details on a black canvas.

Under the South Bridge heat spreader, there’s an RGB LED illumination that has several modes. It comes with driver software that allows the users to control the LEDs and select from a collection of colors, patterns, and lighting effects. These LEDs come with a diagnostic feature, which detects and troubleshoots faulty hardware and configurations. Additionally, presets are present that complement the sounds and CPU temperature.

When it comes to the AMD FX 8350 motherboard compatibility, the ASUS 970 Pro leads the list as it can support 125-watt processors very well. The BIOS incorporated in this motherboard is proven to be the most user-friendly BIOS. It also has SLI and Crossfire support. Due to PCI-e 2.0 x 4, M.2, and 3.1 USB sockets, fast data transfer is not a problem for this motherboard. Additionally, this motherboard is easy to install with its plug-and-play feature.

Being a good gaming board, the ASUS 970 Pro is the first gaming board with an official AMD’s Crossfire x and Nvidia SLI support. Moreover, it can support a 2-way quad GPU and provide a flawless gaming experience. Other features include Intel I211-AT Ethernet, LANGuard, Fan headers, Nichion capacitors, Game First IV Beta software, and Realtek ALC1150 codec.

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4. ASUS M5A99FX Pro

  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Stable overclocking
  • Temperature maintenance
  • Power draw

One of the best AMD FX motherboards is the ASUS M5A99FX Pro. Having most features identical to the AMD 990FX, this motherboard incorporates an 8-channeled audio codec, 6G SATA sockets, and several PCIe sockets.

It also includes two ASMedia controllers, out of which one adds two extra 6G SATA sockets, and the other supports two internal USB 3.0 sockets and eight internal 2.0 USB sockets for a lasting connection with the external devices. All these features come on a budget which makes it a great AMD motherboard.

In terms of overclocking, it can go up to 5.4GHz with a liquid AIO cooling solution. It can support a RAM speed up to 2133 MHz. Moreover, it has a UEFI BIOS and DirectKey that makes overclocking easy. The UEFI BIOS comes with a flashback button that resets the configuration to the original in case of a problem.

The AMD FX standard cooling kit maintains the temperature at 51 degrees, while four-pin fan connectors are also present for additional cooling. The Audio codec has a DTS connection that provides audio restoration.

In addition to this, it has wireless connectivity with the Remote GO feature by the ASUS, through which files get shared with just one click.

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5. Gigabyte GA 990FXA UD3

  • Regulated overclocking
  • Compatible AM3 and AM3+ processors
  • 2- way SLI and Crossfire support
  • Memory support up to 32 GB
  • VRM phases with 8+2 configuration
  • Out-dated technology
  • BIOS is not user friendly

If you’re trying to find the best motherboard for AMD FX 8350 black edition, then look no further. The Gigabyte GA 990FXA UD3 has all the premium features required in the AMD FX 8350 motherboard. Representing clean aesthetics, It has a gunmetal-colored body with black and grey details.  

It is suitable for advanced gaming setups as 32Gb RAM gives sufficient space for all the game’s data. This clean and organized-looking FX motherboard is spacious enough to support graphic cards.

The Gigabyte GA 990FXA UD3 is one of the best black motherboards that support AMD FX 8350. It features 2-way SLI support, 2-way Crossfire support, and dual BIOS. Overclocking speed can go up to 4.6 GHz for this motherboard. Support for 6 SATA ports with 6Gbps and 3.0 USB is present. USB 3.0 has a transfer rate of up to 5Gbps.

When overclocked, this motherboard can support up to 2000 MHz RAM speed. In terms of audio, the 8-channeled HD audio brings game sounds to life.

One more significant feature of this motherboard is the presence of M.2 plugs where the latest SSD M.2 can be attached to increase performance. Additionally, it has VRM phases with an 8+2 configuration that maintains voltage and keeps the CPU overclocked while ensuring that a crash does not occur. Overall, it’s a budget-friendly motherboard with all the standard features required for an AMD FX motherboard combo.

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Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the best AMD FX 8350 motherboard is quite a challenge. Here’s a list of features that should be considered by the users while buying a motherboard for their FX chipset:

Form factor

Look for the board that fits your PC chassis. Both ATX and micro ATX size motherboards are available for the AMD FX chipset.


According to experts, Ram should not be less than 16GB, and the number of memory slots should not be less than 4.

PCI Slots

These slots allow the connection of expansion cards. The best option is the PCIe x16 slot, as it supports full-speed gaming.

Processor socket

Look for a motherboard that has a socket compatible with your processor.

Final Words

Before finalizing an AMD FX 8350 motherboard, all essential functions must be kept in mind. Vital features include size, overclocking, and the number of expansion sockets.

Motherboards having features complimentary to the AMD FX chipset should be chosen to create the perfect AMD FX 8350 mobo combo. Hopefully, this guide will serve as useful for users looking for an AMD FX 8350 motherboard.

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