AMD A6 vs Intel i3

AMD A6 vs Intel i3 – 4 Conclusive Differences In 2022

Every gamer wants to build or buy their dream PC in which they can have endless fun with the latest games and get maximum performance. For this purpose, manufacturers make the best gaming PCs on which gamers can utilize their time to enjoy the best of their lives. But since gaming PCs are costly, some people can’t afford them, and they look for cheap alternatives that can play games that don’t demand high requirements.

Under such conditions, you might want to look at AMD A6 and Intel i3 systems that give you a budget-friendly and stable gaming system with good performance. These computers support less graphics-oriented games, but which one is better than the other? We will discuss this in complete detail to understand which one you should choose and why.

AMD A-Series Vs Intel i3 (The Basic Features And Performance)

The AMD A6 has a 3.6 GHz processor over the 3.3 GHz processor of the i3, whereas there is a great price difference between both where you will find an i3 for more than double the cost of an AMD processor. AMD is better at game performance but not at multitasking as compared to i3 as it has 2 cores in contrast to i3, which comes with 4 cores.

With the progression of time, computer processor developers redesign/refine their central processors so they can give higher performance than previously released models. Along these lines, both AMD and Intel computer chips are acceptable spending choices for anybody.

Their lone similitude is that they’re both dual cores; from that point onward, their innovations change incredibly. Beginning with the primary central processor of core i3, the 3220 is a 3.3 GHz with 3MB cache. It packs an HD 2500 GPU and takes a 55W TDP. An extraordinary component is that it’s hyperthreaded, which boosts the use of every processor unit.

In contrast, the AMD A6 clocked faster at 3.6 GHz but at the expense of a lower cache of only 0.5 MB. As an Advanced Processing Unit (APU), its focus is on a beefier GPU: it packs integrated graphics of Radeon HD 7540D, which is much better than ordinary integrated graphics. It’s capable of playing casual games. It is overclockable, but it eats more power at 65W TDP.

Now we take a look at each of them separately.

Intel Core i3 10th Gen

The 10th generation in Intel processors is the most powerful generation. For i3 with 10th generation, these systems come with AI and with a boost of 2.5x than ordinary i3. This means that these systems can handle better graphics and high CPU usage under any conditions without any limitations.

It is a budget-friendly processor on which players can play lots of games without any interruption and slow performance as it gives a surprisingly impressive performance and pretty shocking results. With this processor, your system is all set up to play games like DMC 4, Assasin Creed Brotherhood, Far Cry 3, Call of duty modern warfare 2, Crysis 2, and pretty much other games.

The performance you get with the Intel i3 processor with the 10th generation is pretty amazing. Overall, it will win the hearts of many gamers who can’t afford expensive PCs themselves. They can rely on i3 systems to play most of the non-graphics oriented games as well as some with basic built-in graphic cards.

Some specifications of the i3 system are:

  • Dual-Core and 4 threads.
  • 4 MB Intel Cache.
  • Powerful and innovative 10th generation.
  • 10 GHz max clock frequency.

AMD A6 7th Generation

AMD A6 is an entry-level CPU but powerful enough to support all those games that don’t require high graphics and the software that doesn’t eat much memory from the processor. These A6 7th generation processors are the latest and fastest in them all. It was launched in 2019, and it’s still a budget-friendly processor that gamers can get for themselves to enjoy some decent amount of gaming.

A6 was actually launched to beat the i3 processors, where its base speed was set to 3.5 GHz with the latest releases over time. It is a well-optimized processor that supports well for DDR4 RAM memory making it a pretty fast computer system for performance.

With this system, gamers are able to enjoy games like Far Cry 3, Tekken Tag, Sleeping Dogs, PUBG and various other games that don’t demand high graphics to run. These systems are pretty easy to maintain and come at a very affordable price that makes them fit for use for medium-ranged gamers.

Some specifications of AMD A6 are:

  • Dual-core processor with 2 threads.
  • Radeon R5 integrated graphics.
  • 7th generation
  • 8 GHz Max speed.

Differences Between AMD A6 vs Intel i3

As we have seen the features of both of the medium spec gaming systems, now it’s time we discuss the features of the a6 processor vs i3 head to head to see which one is good over the other one.

1. Performance.

The core i3 performs well with the games due to more cores as compared to A6. The test was taken on the games that included GTA V, Far Cry 4, and Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Both of these systems played the games in low settings, but i3 was smoother than A6. The result of performance was quite impressive for i3, so it’s a win for the i3 system.

2. FPS.

The A6 gave around 40-50 FPS for each of these games, and the experience was good, but there was a bit of lag in the games where action screenplay was involved or too many 3D textures were involved. The games felt even smoother on the i3 system, where the average FPS for each game was around 60 FPS, and some were going above 60 as well, providing a very smooth experience. This demonstrates that i3 even outnumbered the A6 in the case of FPS for various games.

3. Price.

For the price, both of these systems are budget-friendly for gamers. They can decide which one they should go for based on the above-mentioned demonstration of both of the systems. For i3, you have to pay a little bit on the extra, but in return, you get a good response for the performance and smoother gameplay, whereas if you choose A6, you will get a lot cheaper computer system for less price, but the performance will be compromised too.

4. Benchmarks.

If we compare the benchmarks for the performance of each of these systems, then here is what the stats look like.

The i3 scores 15% better at 3DMark11 physics, and it was also able to perform 16% better at Geekbench. For the A6 5400K, it went well with the integrated graphics performance of about 22%, whereas i3 needs to have an external card for gaming and better performance.


This was a discussion on the comparison of AMD A6 vs Intel i3 computer systems. We discussed their basic differences and their best models with the comparison that which one is better over the other. Both showed good performance, and both had a big difference in price. It’s up to the users to decide which one they want from the specifications explained here.


Is AMD A6 good?

AMD A6 is a good performance system that comes for low-budget buyers with limited specs that are enough to run things just as fine. It’s an entry-level system with an integrated graphics card to support entry-level graphics-supported games. It has a low power consumption of 15w.

Which is better, AMD or i3?

Both AMD a6 processor vs intel i3 systems are entry-level for gamers, but these processors give enough performance for the user to enjoy a good time. For the most part, i3 performs better than A6, but A6 has a pretty low price as compared.

AMD a6 equivalent to intel

AMD A6-7310 is an entry-level laptop processor with Radeon R4 Graphics. It is manufactured using a 28 nm process and has 2 cores that operate at 2.0 GHz. The A6-7310 also has a 1 MB L2 cache and 4 MB of shared L3 cache. In terms of performance, the A6-7310 is equivalent to the Intel Core i3-5005U. The A6-7310 also has a thermal design power (TDP) of 15 watts.

Can AMD A6 9220 Vs Intel i3 Compare In Performance?

Both processors have their pros and cons, but which one is the best for your needs?
The AMD A6 9220 has a clock speed of 2.5 GHz and comes with a Radeon R5 integrated graphics card. It is a budget-friendly option that is good for basic computing tasks like browsing the internet, checking email, and watching videos. The Intel i3 has a clock speed of 3.9 GHz and comes with an HD Graphics 630 integrated graphics card. It is more expensive than the AMD A6 9220, but it is better suited for more demanding tasks like gaming and video editing. So, it depends on your priorities and needs.

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